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1 Which ceremony occurs in the 3rd week of July on the Thames? A Duck-downing B Heron-lefting C Puffin-righting D Swan-upping

2 Who is seen as the traitor of the Labour Party despite being their first true Prime Minister? A Arthur Henderson B Stanley Baldwin C Ramsay MacDonald D Clement Attlee

3 Of which fruit are honeydew and cantaloupe varieties? A Grapefruit B Melon C Strawberry D Apple

4 Which Nobel Peace Prizewinni­ng Norwegian explorer pioneered an identifica­tion card for displaced persons? A Fridtjof Nansen B Roald Amundsen C Christian Johannson D Jork Rikverg

5 Who wrote the novel Diana of the Crossways? A Thomas Hardy B George Meredith C Henry James D Arnold Bennett

6 Which recent monster film sequel stars Alexander Skarsgard and Millie Bobby Brown? A Godzilla vs. Kong B Shrek 5 C Frankenste­in 2 D Gigan vs. The Mummy 7 Which German engineer is credited with manufactur­ing the first car powered by an internalco­mbustion engine? A Karl Benz B Claude Benz C Mercado Benz D Richard Benz

8 Which British decathlete won gold medals at the 1980 and 1984 Olympics? A Roger Black B Dean Macey C Daley Thompson D Bruce Jenner

9 In Shakespear­e’s play who killed Macbeth? A Duncan B Lady Macbeth C Macduff D Malcolm 10 In which musical is the song 76 Trombones featured? A Calamity Jane B Seven Brides for Seven

Brothers C The Sound of Music D The Music Man

11 What sort of creature is a weever? A A rodent B Afish C A bird D An insect

12 Pyrexia is a technical term for which medical symptom? A Fever B Chicken Pox C Flu D Cold

13 Which British novelist wrote The Power and the Glory and The Third Man? A John Grisham B Bruce Chatwin C Graham Greene D Laurie Lee

14 In what year was the Peasants’ Revolt led by Wat Tyler and John Ball? A 1288 B 1423 C 1381 D 1501

15 What distinguis­hes a Manx cat from other cats? A Its ears are more pointed B It does not have retractabl­e

claws C It has no tail D It is vegetarian

 ??  ?? Millie Bobby Brown See Question 6
Millie Bobby Brown See Question 6

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