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Camera club explores pinhole photograph­y

- Jasmin Martin ct.news@jpimedia.co.uk

Pinhole photograph­y was in the focus during Storringto­n Camera Club’s recent online meeting.

Paul Mitchell, who gained his fellowship of the Royal Photograph­ic Society, spoke to club members and presented a panel of images taken using a ‘pinhole’ camera.

This came ahead of Worldwide Pinhole Photograph­y Day – held each year on the last Sunday in April – which sees people from all over the world upload a pinhole photograph to a website to become part of an online gallery.

Kevin Harwood, from Storringto­n Camera Club, said: “Pinhole photograph­y slows you down, the exposures last from several seconds to hours and without a viewfinder you have to try and estimate what will be in your photograph.

“The actual photo taking process is very simple as there is no need to focus – everything is in focus. Sceptics might say everything is equally blurry, and the exposure is controlled by simply opening and closing a shutter in front of the pinhole.

“Whilst this style of photograph­y is probably unknown to most people it is one that has lots of attraction­s and for the club, one that several members have tried and appreciate­d.”

For club member Dean Sephton, it is a style of photograph­y that he especially enjoys. He took part in Worldwide Pinhole Photograph­y Day on April 25 and he has been successful in encouragin­g other club members to explore and enjoy this different style.

He said: “Pinhole photograph­s have a soft ethereal look harking back to the look created by pictoriali­st photograph­ers like Robert Demachy and Alfred Stieglitz at the turn of the 20th century. What their photograph­s lack in sharpness they more than make up for in atmosphere.

“A pinhole camera gives you the chance to get hands on whether making a camera from a cardboard box, an empty can or more elaboratel­y from wood and metal. I made my current pinhole camera as a first lockdown project from odds and ends that I had.

“It has pinhole of 0.25mm diameter and it uses ‘120’ film. Developing the film takes me back to my darkroom days but now I mainly scan the negatives and share or print them digitally.”

 ??  ?? Dean Sephton - Mulberry Beetle, Aldwick
Dean Sephton - Mulberry Beetle, Aldwick
 ??  ?? Dean Sephton – Sullington Church Yew
Dean Sephton – Sullington Church Yew
 ??  ?? Dean Sephton’s pinhole camera
Dean Sephton’s pinhole camera
 ??  ?? Dean Sephton – Ferring Beach
Dean Sephton – Ferring Beach

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