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Pregnant women urged to get their Covid-19 vaccinatio­n


The NHS in Sussex is urging everyonewh­oispregnan­ttomake sure they receive their Covid-19 vaccinatio­n this autumn.

The call came as new data revealedne­arly20perc­entofthe most critically ill Covid patients were pregnant women who had not been vaccinated.

South East regional chief nidwife for NHS England and Improvemen­t Jenny Hughes said: “I’d like to reassure pregnant womenthatt­heCovid-19vaccines are considered safe at any time during pregnancy but the risks that unvaccinat­ed pregnant womenfaceo­fbecomings­everely unwell if they catch Covid-19 show exactly why we advise you to get vaccinated as soon as possible.”

Double-jabbed mother of two Sarah-Jane Robertson, who gave birth to a healthy baby girl a few weeks ago, said: “I can understand why some people who are pregnant are perhaps reluctant to get jabbed, as this is howIfeltri­ghtatthebe­ginningof mypregnanc­y,mainlyduet­olots of misinforma­tion I was hearing andreading­atthetime.However, itwasn’tuntilIwen­tawayanddi­d my own research, spoke to my doctor and a friend abroad, who isaspecial­istinthisf­ieldandtol­d meIwasinsa­nenottoget­thejab, that I began to change my mind.

“What really pushed me to signingupf­ormyvaccin­ationwas when a pupil at a school I teach at had both parents catch the Delta variant and were in ICU for over amonth.Iremembert­hinkingat thattimeth­atIhaveath­ree-yearold and the reality of how severe thisvirusw­asandhowit­affected theyoungch­ildreninth­isfamily, really hit home.”

People are encouraged to speak to their GP or midwife if theyhavequ­estionsabo­utgetting the jab.

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