West Sussex Gazette

Front page spoke for many thousands of us in West Sussex

- DREW SCRIMGEOUR Torton Hill Road, Arundel

Congratula­tions on your front cover (It’s time to stop concreting over our precious green fields, WSG October 13).

You speak for many thousands of us in Sussex who see new developmen­ts on green productive fields being sanctioned almost monthly by our short-sighted councils.

If Brexit, Covid and climate change have taught us anything, it is that we need to become more self-sufficient in a number of areas but particular­ly in agricultur­e and food production.

Currently we only produce about 60 per cent of what we consume and with more and more fields being concreted over the situation will only get worse.

Yes, we need more affordable houses but we need to think creatively about utilising some of our good brownfield sites and breathing some life back into our town centres currently being abandoned by retailers.

Councillor­s, you also need to think about the infrastruc­ture issues these big developmen­ts will have on roads, schools, doctors, dentists.

Many, like the one planned on Ford Road in Arundel on the outskirts of the community will simply lead to more car journeys to reach the amenities.

We need fewer car journeys, not more!

It seems there is no joinedup thinking in the council planning department­s!

 ?? ?? A West Sussex green field
A West Sussex green field

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