West Sussex Gazette

Please keep the pressure on!

- LES VOKE High Ridge Close, Arundel

Many thanks for your great article on use of green belt land fordevelop­mentinWest­Sussex area.

Please keep the pressure on! We here in High Ridge Close, Arundel, and surroundin­g roads are facing a proposal to develop a greenfield site on the Norfolk Estate with 90 houses – 30 for social housing and 60 for the free market.

We have no problem with the ones for social housing –but there are plenty of brownfield sites within Arundel where these could be put – the other 60 we dispute the need for them and the impact on the countrysid­e and wildlife would be devastatin­g, as will the effect on the already overloaded infrastruc­ture, with possibly up to 200 additional vehicles leading to even more pollution.

If there is anything you can do through your paper to highlight this, we and others in the area would be very grateful.

Unpreceden­ted housebuild­ing that we see today on a scale we have never seen before is no more than a merry-go-round.

We see swathes of new homesappea­ringatanal­arming rate, not just here in the South and South East, but throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. All the time there are too many people chasing to buy too fewer homes it will always remain a vicious circle. This cycle will only stop when our government say enough is enough, stop building on greenfield sites, stop covering our country side with concrete.

However, I cannot see any government, or any politician

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