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brave enough to put their heads on the block, putting an end to this madness. One, we need homes and two, it brings in a huge sum of money for the exchequer.

I believe there is one simple solution, all be it a very difficult one. If the human race is serious about saving the planet, our planet, the population has to be controlled.

Don’t ask me who and don’t ask me how, but it will solve everything, from unpreceden­ted house building, swallowing up our countrysid­e, soaring house prices, pollution, global warming with rising sea levels, waste, an overwhelme­d National Health Service, the strangling ofourdenta­lpractices­andmore importantl­y, it will save our friend ‘the ecosystem’.

If we are not careful there will come a time, when, the only thing left living on this planet, apart from vegetation, will be the human race.

If we don’t find a way to control the world population mother nature will do it for us. Be it a civil war, a war or another deadly pandemic. Whichever way it rears its ugly head, it will bring misery to millions.

Maybe we do nothing and let it go the same way as the demise of the dinosaurs? I feel sorry for future generation­s, because they are the ones who are going to have to pick up the pieces, sort out the problem we have created. If it’s not too late.

We need to find a way to control the worlds population and all our problems will be solved.

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 ?? ?? Medmerry from above. Picture by Carolyn Cobbold
Medmerry from above. Picture by Carolyn Cobbold

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