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Cold War nuclear bunker bought


ONE of the finest examples of a Cold War nuclear bunker has been sold after being put on the market for £435,000.

The Grade II-listed structure, near Kingsbridg­e in Devon, was re-advertised for sale after failing to meet its asking price at an auction in February 2021.

But now it has been snapped up, although the purchaser’s details are undisclose­d.

Located in a commanding position high above the Salcombe estuary, the building is considered one of the finest examples in existence of a post-Second World War bunker.

Originally known as Hope Cove Bunker, it was in active use between January 1956 and September 1957, after which it briefly became the RAF Fighter Control School.

In 1958, following the departure of the RAF, the bunker was transferre­d to the Home Office for conversion into a regional seat of government that would control the South West in the event of a nuclear war.

Vickery Holman and Clive Emson auctioneer­s, jointly acting on behalf of the former owners of the Crown Buildings at Soar, have announced the former Cold War bunker has now been sold.

Michael Easton, at Vickery Holman, said: ‘This is an instructio­n I have been working on for quite some time and I am pleased, not only that we have reached a positive conclusion, but that the new owner is keen to bring the building back to useful life.”

He added: “Having dealt with commercial property for 20 years, there are some instructio­ns which offer something a little different and it has been really interestin­g working on this case.

“My thanks go to Chris Howell who looks after the site day to day, for giving his time over to conduct site visits but mostly for his keen interest in the history of the building, for which he has written a book.

“We wish the new owner the very best and can’t wait to see the next chapter in this incredible piece of real estate.”

Katie Semmens, of Clive Emson auctioneer­s, said: “Whilst we took the property to auction earlier this year, we were unable to reach the reserve but there was a significan­t peak in interest after the event.

“The Crown Buildings caught the attention of the media leading to numerous viewings and interested parties. We are pleased to have sold the property and look forward to seeing what happens in the future.”

It was previously reported that there had been interest in turning it into a wine store, or for other storage, or even if it could be turned into housing.

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