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Football fans should get behind local teams


NOW that football’s European Super League is dead in the water, we had the disgracefu­l scenes at Old Trafford where some fans broke into the ground and some police were injured. What fans have to realise is that these clubs are businesses.

They are no different than Rolls Royce or Marks & Spencer, and if fans want to change ownership they have to find a way of raising the £3 billion valuation of Manchester United.

The Glazer family are not going to give up ownership without getting a decent offer for their share in the club.

Fans must also remember that the money they pay for tickets is a pittance in the whole scheme and would only pay the wages of a few players.

The real money is in worldwide television rights. Unlike the owners of Manchester City, who have spent billions in their area, the greedy Glazers just seem to take money out of Manchester United.

I hope a solution is found for genuine fans but in the meantime I would urge fans to get behind local teams.

Let’s get Bristol City into the Premier League and teams such as Bristol Rovers and Yeovil Town promoted. The big clubs will sort their problems out but the smaller clubs deserve our support through the turnstiles.

Keith Wheeler Yeovil, Somerset

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