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the Wiltshire election, particular­ly where Labour were not putting up candidates, in order to gain power to block over-developmen­t in the East Chippenham area, because in my view the Liberal Democrats are in the strongest position to prevent the Tories from gaining an overall majority.

I hope that clarifies the issue.

Jeremy Comerford Chippenham, Wiltshire eight-stage Civil Service process before being placed.

It is also true that the wastage in these PPE supplies was less than 2%. That’s a lot of money but understand­able in a rapidly changing situation.

The concession­s offered to James Dyson were in fact made available for all expatriate workers returning to the UK to help with battling the pandemic, for a three-month period.

Mr Thomas may have a low opinion of the PM, but that does not justify ignoring the facts.

Ken Richens Truro, Cornwall

In business, the tax allowable entertainm­ent account that meant one company gave front-row Wimbledon seats to a client, or potential client – and do I need to spell out why ?

The travel agent bribed to sell holiday packages by one tour operator; while civil servants are told not to accept as much as a free cup of tea because of corruption... gently, gently could be the aim, and the Civil Service is a corruption-free zone.

Flat decoration is not just paint and wallpaper, it could be antique furniture, silver cutlery, Persian rugs, china, decoration­s, paintings on the wall... all personal effects, all put down on the bill as Dulux paint, not the property of the Ministry of Works.

Corruption can be like smoking – once you start, it’s very hard to give up. Sometimes, the corruptor will not let go.

This Prime Minister and his executive government have (I repeat, have) a consistent, repeated history of contractua­l agreements made with no competitiv­e tender and have never given an answer to questions – even when told by experience­d procuremen­t staff – that they paid ‘way over price’ using taxpayers’ money.

This is not the practice of a diligent government and never has been. It begs the question: why not?

The most ardent supporter of the government should insist on this.

Let’s be quite clear... scientists have long talked of a pandemic and talked of the methodolog­y of curative processes. For some time the talk was not if but when.

When it came, it was like this government arrived on the Normandy beaches a month after D-Day.

The scientists were already working at a vaccine, but this Government had no plans at all for social actions to curb its spread and thrashed around like a tethered donkey until somebody came up with a £37 billion ‘track and trace’ idea... the answer to nobody’s prayer.

Ministers at all levels should be seen to be free of any hint of corruption; not assumed to be so.

They should want it to be seen that no action they have taken, no decision they have made, was tainted with any possibilit­y of corruption.

Or do they want to inherit a whirlwind?

Don Frampton Newton Abbot, Devon

 ?? Philip Toscano/PA ?? Inside a prototype driverless car
Philip Toscano/PA Inside a prototype driverless car

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