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Childish antics of uni students are shaming


THE scenes showing hundreds of Cambridge University students ignoring Covid restrictio­ns at what was, in effect, an alcohol-fuelled rave over the May bank holiday weekend only serves to confirm that common sense is obviously in very short supply among undergradu­ates.

In fact, if those Cambridiot­s who attended that illegal gathering are typical of those privileged enough to attend university these days, I predict a very bleak future for the country. It would be nice to think that the party goers will be identified and rusticated.

And what were the police doing? When asked by a member of the public why they were not taking action to break up the ‘rave’, the response was: “We can’t exactly get involved”. Really? A large crowd of people breaking the law and the police can’t get involved? You can bet your life that, if this event had been taking place on a housing estate in a deprived inner-city area, the police would have had no hesitation in wading in to disperse the crowd.

University students have been among the most vocal critics of the measures taken to control the pandemic, and they will be the first to complain if, as a result if their stupid, inexcusabl­e, antisocial, childish antics, Cambridge sees a spike in Covid infections.

Being short of brain cells may not be a mandatory requiremen­t for entry to Cambridge University, but it obviously helps!

Robert Readman


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