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Hoping to make things Wright


IN emotional scenes, former football hero and pundit Ian Wright breaks down as he revisits his childhood home where he suffered horrific abuse.

The 57-year-old dad-of-eight has set out to investigat­e the effect of growing up in a psychologi­cally abusive and violent home.

But it means finally confrontin­g his own experience, which saw his stepdad cruelly beat and verbally abuse him and his mother.

“Growing up, our home was not a happy one, there was a lot of violence,” says Ian, who lived in a South London house that they shared with another fam

Devastatin­gly, Ian’s mother was also abusive, regularly beating him and telling him she wishes she’d terminated him.

“All I felt when I was nine was anxious and scared,” says Ian, who wants to piece his confusing childhood together.

It’s an emotional and confrontin­g journey for Ian, who meets others who have experience­d domestic abuse in their childhood, as well as profession­als to talk through his own trauma and charity workers trying to help abusers change their behaviour.

Ultimately, Ian hopes he can begin to forgive his mother and move on from the past.

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