Just how much tax will be enough?

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THE re­cent story re­gard­ing Welsh coun­cil tax in­creases poses the ques­tion: when is there ever go­ing to be enough to sat­isfy the pub­lic sec­tor?

Ev­ery year with­out ex­cep­tion, coun­cil tax has soared in Wales. We the plebs are ex­pected to pay more for less, while the pub­lic sec­tor thrives on our mis­ery.

The sug­ges­tions of re­or­gan­i­sa­tion of the 22 au­thor­i­ties to seven or eight, did not sur­vive the cow­ardice and in­com­pe­tence of the WAG. The WLGA has seen off the po­lit­i­cal pyg­mies of Labour in the Bay.

That the Assem­bly has failed Wales is be­yond doubt, lit­tle peo­ple lost in pol­i­tics. No re­struc­tur­ing of lo­cal gov­ern­ment, be­cause Labour has the most coun­cil­lors to lose, so the cow­ardice and in­com­pe­tence con­tin­ues in the Assem­bly and coun­cil cham­bers across Wales.

I be­lieve the na­tional wage struc­ture must be re­placed with re­gional pay. Here in Wales, the work­ing ma­jor­ity have al­lowed them­selves to be mer­ci­lessly ex­ploited and rub­bished by our pub­lic ser­vants for years. Now the per­ilous state of the econ­omy de­mands these pam­pered peo­ple be paid what they are worth, to the pub­lic they claim to serve.

How can civil and pub­lic ser­vants earn on av­er­age £5,099 more than the pri­vate sec­tor?

The min­i­mum wage is the same, the liv­ing wage is the same. Where the dif­fer­ence is alarm­ing is what man­agers and di­rec­tors think they are worth. Hun­dreds of thou­sands a year plus gold-plated pen­sions and the right not to be sacked, no mat­ter what you do or how much you lose your au­thor­ity. I be­lieve it’s time to pay these pam­pered peo­ple what they are worth, not what they can wring out of Labour coun­cil­lors. Jeremy Lawrence


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