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GLOBAL warming has not stopped for coronaviru­s, the United Nations has warned, as it publishes a report outlining the scale of the climate crisis.

From heatwaves in Siberia to melting ice sheets, climbing carbon dioxide emissions and rising temperatur­es, the multi-agency “United in Science” report sets out the state of the world’s climate in 2020.

The UN’s World Meteorolog­ical Organisati­on, which has compiled the report drawing on the latest science from a number of organisati­ons, warns climate change has continued unabated during the pandemic. And Covid-19 has hampered efforts to monitor the climate crisis, with reductions in data from sources including aircraft-based observatio­ns, manual weather stations, and ocean informatio­n from commercial ships.

The report warns that global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels reached record highs in 2019, though they are expected to be 4-7% lower in 2020 than last year as a result of pandemic lockdowns.

The world is not on track to limit global warming at 1.5C or well below 2C above pre-industrial levels, as agreed by countries under the Paris Agreement, and sustained cuts in pollution are needed, the report warns.

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