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THE Western Mail caught up with Bargoed residents to see what they thought about lockdown in Caerphilly Borough.

Gill Sutton and Frances Dunford were sitting in the square outside a cafe.

Gill said: “I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t expect out of all of Wales it’s just our little borough, it doesn’t make sense.

“If you have a local lockdown then everyone should have to wear a mask.”

Frances added: “I can’t understand why Mark Drakeford hasn’t said masks are a legal requiremen­t. They can’t enforce it.

“We have been in the petrol station and there was one gentleman at the counter who didn’t have a mask and another gentleman came behind wearing a mask.

“He asked the gentleman in front why he wasn’t wearing one and it got quite heated, it was an argumentat­ive situation. The shop assistant said they can’t enforce it.”

Claire McCarthy, 40, was walking

in the town centre with her daughter – both wearing masks.

She said: “I kind of knew it would be lockdown but I thought it would be lockdown as it was before, not just measures. I work in Newport and travel back and for, it’s hard.

“My husband and I were going away so that’s not happening.

“I find it quite hard to understand why it’s just the borough and not further afield. There’s a lot of confusion over where boundaries are.”

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