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Quarantine decision is purely political


I TOTALLY agree with recent comments on the absurd decision to enforce a quarantine on tourists arriving in Wales from several Greek islands.

Where is the science behind this decision by Vaughan Gething?

He has not given any stats around the crucial figure of 20 in 100,000 population new cases of Covid

19. He hasn’t done that as Greece has a figure of approximat­ely 14 in 100,000!

My husband and I would lose too much to cancel our holiday, eg flights together with the cost of seats and luggage, which means we have to self-isolate for two weeks on our return.

This obviously means two weeks without pay.

Surely this decision by the Welsh Government cannot be lawful without concrete evidence that there is a high risk to public health.

The decision seems to be based on a few young people returning from Greece having contracted the virus. This government should concentrat­e on what is happening in Cardiff and Caerphilly, before penalising people visiting a country with far fewer cases than Wales.

I feel this is a political decision to convince us that a devolved government can do what they like.

A Wallis Merthyr Tydfil

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