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Fine the ignorant who disregard Covid rules


CONFUCIUS say that if you are the smartest person in the room then you are in the wrong room!

You can only learn from others brighter than yourself.

The Welsh Government is probably no more or less dull than the mediocre administra­tion in Westminste­r but its policy often seems just to wait for a few weeks to look independen­t then copy them.

When most of our railways were built in the 19th century, a penalty of £2 was imposed for trespassin­g on the line, equivalent to about a thousand today, impossible for the average person then to pay.

One month’s imprisonme­nt in that case, so a real deterrent.

Trespasser­s on the line were only risking their own lives, but those who break Covid rules are risking the lives of thousands, not to mention the effect on the economy and NHS if we don’t stop the spread.

The hard core of those defying the rules are usually the type who will steal from their own grandmothe­rs

so are hardly likely to be concerned about the health of others in general.

The Senedd needs to hit them hard in the pocket with huge fines, and if it works Westminste­r will copy us.

The Executive is currently thinking of smashing climate change protest, mainly because of its economic impact.

Perhaps they need to be a bit more robust against the kamikaze Covid rule ignorers who want to take the rest of us down with them.

Ron Price Cwmbran

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