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M4 relief road could be built by UK Government

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FANTASTIC news. Need to find out what happened to the money that Drakeford and co have spent on it too. Simon J Fisher

SOMETHING needs to be done... if Wales wants to attract more business to the area. It is a car park most of the time.

Lynwen A Wilcox

HAVE regularly travelled the M4 and don’t get why people keep moaning about it. Since they got rid of the tolls at the bridge it’s been really easy to travel along. M25 is a heck of a lot worse.

Leanne Knibb

TRY using it every day at peak times then you will see what the fuss is about. Off peak it’s not so bad, although the speed restrictio­ns are still on by the tunnels 24 hours a day.

Mark Clare

WHETHER you agree with devolution or not it was democratic­ally voted for by people in Wales – just like Brexit! This is a disgrace!

Janette Gahan

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