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Trump turns his back on the ‘losers’ who really do make America great


- With US Editor Christophe­r Bucktin

THERE are, if any, few greater alliances in the world than that which Britain and America share. Together, we have stood shoulder-toshoulder during the world’s darkest times.

To this day, despite several recent tests of that bond, the Americans are under no illusions as to the worth of Britain’s role, stating

“the United States has no closer ally than the United Kingdom”.

Together British and American servicemen and women have fought side by side to defeat dictators and despots, with many making the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy today.

Our debt to the fallen will rightly never be forgotten by anyone – except that is for Donald Trump.

It has been claimed the man who dodged the Vietnam War draft five times due to “bone spurs” (calcium build-up in the heels), thinks the soldiers who fought and died for our countries are nothing more than “suckers” and “losers”.

Last week damning allegation­s were made that the Commander-in-Chief of America’s military views soldiers as nothing more than fools.

In November 2018, on a trip to Paris to attend a ceremony marking the end of the First World War, Trump cancelled his planned visit to the nearby war cemetery hours before it was due to begin.

At the time, the White House blamed the weather for him being unable to fly there. But now it is claimed the President skipped the event because he was afraid the rain would mess up his hair. This week he tried to accuse French police of preventing him from arriving by car, begging the question why they would be so unconcerne­d about the safety of other world leaders who braved the drizzle to pay their respects.

Not only did he not attend, Trump apparently questioned why he should honour the troops in the first place.

“Why should I go to that cemetery,” he reportedly said. “It’s filled with losers.”

On the same trip, it is claimed he referred to soldiers slain in combat at Belleau Wood, a famous WWI battle site where a major German advance was halted, as “suckers” for getting killed.

The alleged comments, which the President denounced as “made up fake news” in a tweet, should surprise nobody.

Even before he was elected in 2016, Trump argued Senator John McCain, was “not a war hero” because he was captured during the Vietnam war.

He later described his fellow Republican McCain, as well as President George HW Bush, as “losers” for being shot down in combat. Trump even resisted lowering the flag over the White House when former prisoner of war McCain died.

As candidate for president, he once spent a week disparagin­g the grieving parents of decorated army captain Humayun Kahn, who was killed in action by a suicide bomber in Iraq, after they appeared at the Democratic National Convention.

In 2017 he visited Arlington National Cemetery, accompanie­d by John Kelly, who was then the Secretary of Homeland Security. The former General was paying respects at the grave of his son Robert, killed while serving in Afghanista­n in 2010.

As the two of them stood there, Trump is alleged to have turned to the fallen soldier’s father and said, “I don’t get it. What was in it for them?”.

He was just as thoughtles­s when speaking to the widow of slain army sergeant La David Johnson, telling her late husband “knew what he signed up for”.

More recently when US intelligen­ce agencies reported Russia was paying Taliban terrorists a bounty to kill American soldiers, Trump did absolutely nothing.

Then, on Monday, he went further, accusing US military leadership of waging wars to boost profits for defence manufactur­ing companies. All this from a man who bragged to radio host Howard Stern in 1997 that his “personal Vietnam” was dating in the 90s without getting STDs.

In a country unparallel­ed in its reverence toward its military, Trump’s “losers” and “suckers” troops scandal should mobilise American voters.

How much more must it take for America to realise that, not only is Trump unfit to tie the boots of the very servicemen and women he attacks, but that he is unfit for office?

We can only hope, come November 3, he is given his marching orders.

 ??  ?? President Trump, left, and inset the war graves at Belleau Wood
President Trump, left, and inset the war graves at Belleau Wood
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Former general John Kelly
Former general John Kelly
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