No ads, no dead­line... this is the fu­ture of TV, and I love it

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I have al­most com­pletely stopped watch­ing tele­vi­sion. On the other hand, I might be watch­ing more tele­vi­sion pro­grammes than ever be­fore.

That is be­cause, af­ter years of nag­ging from my teenagers, I have dis­cov­ered stream­ing. Both of them ob­vi­ously dis­cov­ered this years ago. That is why they now watch tele­vi­sion in their rooms but never on tele­vi­sions. The last time I watched any­thing with ei­ther of my chil­dren was when Pat Phelan was still in Corona­tion Street. The Boy has the Martin fam­ily ad­dic­tion to The Street and to­gether we lapped up the demise of the long-run­ning soap’s best-ever bad­die. Since then, I have been hav­ing a Cor­rie sab­bat­i­cal. I have one ev­ery few years, and they have of­ten lasted years. But even­tu­ally I drop back into the Rovers to dis­cover noth­ing much has changed.

I’m a lit­tle wor­ried that this time I might never go back. And that’s be­cause of stream­ing. Now that I am a sub­scriber my view­ing habits have com­pletely changed.

I didn’t re­alise quite how much un­til I re-en­gaged with “nor­mal” TV this week as a re­sult of the re­turn of I’m A Celebrity, Get me Out of Here (an­other guilty plea­sure). Sud­denly I have a hard

In some ways I sort of miss them. TV ad­verts made up a large part of the sound­track of my younger years, and I can still sing many of them start to fin­ish. I bet a lot of you can too. Surely ev­ery­one knows “For mash get Smash”, “I’m a se­cret lemon­ade drinker” and of course “What has a hazel­nut in ev­ery bite?”. There can­not be a soul who does not know that “only the crum­bli­est flaki­est choco­late tastes like choco­late never tasted be­fore,” and that it was “all be­cause the lady loves” and ex­actly what was “the se­cret of the black magic box”.

Who doesn’t re­mem­ber Joan Collins and Leonard Ros­siter with their sparkling drink, the af­ter shave for “the man who doesn’t have to try too hard”, The Milky Bar kid, or that a fin­ger of Fudge was just enough to give your kids a treat (I ac­tu­ally al­ways found these far too small and not nearly enough).

Any­way, no telly ads for me these days, just high-quality thrillers en block when­ever I want. What’s not to like?

I sort of miss the days when all of us used to sit round and watch a film – but we have the cin­ema for that – and I reckon I may never have to watch an­other mu­si­cal in my life!

Mrs Martin is away for a few days next week. I don’t like it when she’s away, but now I have stream­ing I have iden­ti­fied op­por­tu­nity.

A whole new se­ries of Nar­cos is avail­able and I reckon I can knock the whole lot off in a cou­ple of nights. I can’t wait!!

I don’t have to sit through the open­ing ti­tles or the cred­its, let alone an ad­vert

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