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EU citizens living in West urged to apply to remain

- OLIVIER VERGNAULT olivier.vergnault@reachplc.com

THOUSANDS of EU citizens living in Cornwall are being warned that could be deported if they do not apply for Settled Status.

According to Government statistics, as of October 2020, 10,700 EU and Swiss citizens have already applied to be able to stay in the UK after Brexit.

However Citizens Advice Cornwall is warning that the remaining 7,000 should apply as soon as possible or risk not being able to remain.

EU Settled Status (EUSS) team adviser Ineta Simelionyt­e said: “We know many people from Europe who have come to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to work in agricultur­e and food processing plants, as well as those who have lived here for many years with children and grandchild­ren, have yet to apply for Settled Status.

“It’s really important that you apply because after June 30 this year you may be asked to prove your right to get a job or use the NHS.”

The deadline for applicatio­ns to the EUSS scheme is June 30, but people are being urged to make their applicatio­ns as soon as possible to ensure they are allowed to stay in the UK.

Citizens Advice Cornwall has set up a special team dedicated to helping people with their applicatio­ns and is encouragin­g people to seek advice if they need assistance or have any questions about the process.

The applicatio­n process is free of charge and will allow European citizens to stay in the UK, work, study, use the NHS, claim the state pension and rent a home.

Caroline Goodman, who also works for the Citizens Advice EUSS team, added: “European workers are vital to the economy of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly so we would like employers, as well as friends and neighbours, to encourage them to apply or seek advice at an early stage.”

For full EUSS scheme informatio­n visit https://www.gov.uk/ eusettleds­tatus

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