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Pence and Patel – a dream team ticket!


WELL done Priti Patel for showing real statesmans­hip by condemning the atrocious actions of supporters of Donald Trump in Washington recently.

This kind of behaviour is totally unacceptab­le in any democracy.

Vice President Mike Pence was right to distance himself from Trump and his supporters too.

Which is why the Republican Party needs to renew itself and get behind Mike Pence as its next candidate for the next presidenti­al election too.

No politician has been more pro Israel in Britain than Priti Patel and nobody has been more pro Israel in America than Mike Pence.

When you consider that God blesses those who bless His country of Israel I think that come the UK general election and US elections in 2024 (Lord willing and if the rupture of the church hasn’t already taken place) the Republican­s and Conservati­ves should look no further than a Priti Patel and Mike Pence dream ticket because I believe that God would bless them both deservedly and richly.

Geoffrey Brooking via email

Meanwhile, our government – social and political allies of the hunters – winks at their violent, cruel and anti-social activities, including their recent ignoring of Covid rules and protocols.

To permit any group to trash the rule of law is both wrong and dangerous.

The Hunting Act and its puny sanctions must be urgently and significan­tly strengthen­ed – and enforced – to protect its animal victims and to guard and honour our own democracy.

Alan Kirby, via email Member of Protect Our Wild


presidenti­al power to exonerate himself from any future prosecutio­n of his many misdemeano­urs.

Unfortunat­ely for the world he is showing the same signs of unabridged madness that Hitler showed in his last days in his bunker when he urged the people of Berlin to carry on the fight which even his closest henchmen had realised in the end was a lost cause.

I foresee a few amendments to the American Constituti­on to stop a repeat of this madness in future.

Edward Kynaston Lydney, Forest of Dean

the UK parliament whilst seeking to break up the UK?

David G Burnett Portishead, North Somerset

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