Western Morning News (Saturday)

Hunting Act must be urgently strengthen­ed


THE attempted coup in Washington was shocking, but no surprise. Reportedly, almost half of Republican­s – who have most of the guns – support the insurrecti­on. The United States is at great peril.

Armed rebellion seems very unlikely here. Yet we have one significan­t grouping that I know well disturbing­ly resemble Trump loyalists.

They share a disregard for the truth, behave as if above the law, are contemptuo­us of the democratic will, hold their desires paramount.

They also comprise a curious, volatile amalgam of the rich and powerful and our equivalent of ‘rednecks’.

Like many Trumpists, they delight in inflicting terror and death upon defenceles­s animals. And they too [in September 2004] violently stormed the heart of our democracy.

For 15 years, most of our 250+ quarry hunts have been flouting the Hunting Act whilst peddling a pack of lies and riding roughshod over those who seek to protect their victims or bring them to justice.

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