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Getting the best out of frozen foods


THIS week I have mainly been eating... stuff out of the freezer. Covid-19 has come to our village and seems to be spreading through the community at an alarming rate, so I’ve been in no hurry to go out food shopping.

When it comes to using frozen vegetables, you just need a little extra care and attention to bring the true flavours out. I pressure cook things like frozen French beans and broccoli for just two or three minutes in a steamer, before adding them to something like this chicken fricassee.

Much the same goes for frozen fish, which I try to purchase online from seafood wholesaler­s I know in the Westcountr­y. Lightly salt frozen white-fish fillets and let them thaw in a colander – I then shallow-fry them in a homemade chilli and garlic flavoured oil over what seems like a ludicrousl­y low flame. The very gentle long cooking time seems to help the fish firm up while also magnifying its flavour. And homemade polenta chips – made from slicing and slow-frying last night’s left over polenta that’s gone solid – are one of my great discoverie­s of the coronaviru­s lockdowns!

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