Western Morning News (Saturday) : 2021-01-09

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48 Saturday, January 9, 2021 WESTERN MORNING NEWS Public Notices RUSSELL GRANT River Yealm Harbour Authority Election of Mooring Holders' Representa­tives An election is due to be held to elect three mooring holders' representa­tives to the Authority for the ensuing three years commencing 1 st March 2021. The representa­tives due to retire are eligible for re-election. Each holder of a current mooring licence may nominate up to three persons. Nomination­s, stating both the proposer's and the candidate's names, and confirming that the nominee(s) is/are willing to stand, should be with the Harbour Office, Newton Ferrers no later than 11th February 2021. An election will then be held on Wednesday 24th February in the WI Hall Newton Ferrers from 18.00 to 20.00 and the names of those elected announced. ARIES LIBRA March 21–April 20 Sept 24–Oct 23 You will keep a firm grip on your enthusiasm when it comes to improving your home. As is often the case, the biggest and best ideas will be the ones that are the most costly. Before putting anything into action, set a budget or you will overspend and if you do, things will grind to a halt. You just want to keep yourself to yourself. Surprising­ly, a youngster’s more extroverte­d nature is proving to be more than you can handle. You will find your excuses to avoid them. Don’t feel guilty about this. Sometimes you just need some quiet space free from outside distractio­ns. For more call 0905 789 4271 For more call 0905 789 4277 (80p/min + network access charge) (80p/min + network access charge) SCORPIO TAURUS SCORPIO April 21-May 21 Oct 24-Nov22 You want to make good decisions and choices and that’s why you are apprehensi­ve. There are a number of matters of importance to deal with. These are jobs you aren’t used to and you may need to do some research first before you feel able to approach them. One thing that other people can rely on about you is your loyalty and commitment. You have remained firm in your beliefs and support for causes, or even people, that others have grown bored with. This unswerving devotion to duty will soon be reaping the rewards it deserves. For more call 0905 789 4272 For more call 0905 789 4278 (80p/min + network access charge) (80p/min + network access charge) GEMINI SAGITTARIU­S May 22-June 21 Nov 23-Dec 21 A friend or neighbour will spot an opportunit­y that is perfect for you. You will be grateful for their friendship and for their thoughtful­ness. They have tuned into opportunit­ies with you in mind and this new developmen­t could mark a new phase in this relationsh­ip. A project you take on holds a lot of potential, provided you are sensible about the kind of commitment­s you make. Delegate some tasks if possible. You are ready for a challenge. In making that extra effort in anything you plan to do, you will accomplish more than expected. For more call 0905 789 4273 For more call 0905 789 4279 (80p/min + network access charge) (80p/min + network access charge) CAPRICORN CANCER CAPRICORN June 22-July 23 Dec 22-Jan 20 Someone in the family is testing your patience. You’re tired of hearing them grumbling. They seem to have forgotten other people have problems too. They’re not interested in what others have to say. All they want to do is talk about themselves and you don’t want to hear. You’ve not had a lot of choice about having had to follow the same routine and frequent the same old places for months and months. You feel desperate for a change of scene. Your health would benefit from this change and it would give you the chance to think about your future. For more call 0905 789 4274 For more call 0905 789 4280 (80p/min + network access charge) (80p/min + network access charge) LEO AQUARIUS July 24-Aug 23 Jan 21-Feb 19 You will be on the go a good deal of the time. You may not be looking forward to several of your responsibi­lities but they won’t cause you any problems. Sometimes the thought is worse than the actual tasks, and once they are all finished you will be able to relax. It’s hard to take advice when you wanted to complete a job without any interferen­ce. The tips a senior colleague gives you could help you avoid making a big mistake. Some rumours you hear will sound plausible but don’t take them seriously. There’s unlikely to be an ounce of truth behind them. For more call 0905 789 4275 For more call 0905 789 4281 (80p/min + network access charge) (80p/min + network access charge) VIRGO VIRGO PISCES Aug 24-Sept 23 Feb 20-Mar 20 You value your family and close friendship­s. These people have helped keep you strong in hard times. A warm glow surrounds your close relationsh­ips. Whether it is romance or a good friendship, what matters is you are getting a lot of happiness through being together. A surprise message from an old friend will give you food for thought. You may have drifted apart due to restrictio­ns. Your social life has undergone a big change and you thought that you had nothing left in common. Once you start talking, you will realise that is not so at all. For more call 0905 789 4276 For more call 0905 789 4282 (80p/min + network access charge) (80p/min + network access charge) Calls cost 80p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge – maximum of 5 minutes duration. You must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission. Service provider Spoke. Helpline 0333 202 3390 PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­r.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW