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Government of ‘no parties’ is needed


I HAVE previously expressed my views to the WMN that Britain is sorely in need of a national government. That has again been supported by the questionab­le statement over the supply of PPE from those oh-so-nice Turkish people who were not wanting to migrate to Britain back in 2016.

This ministeria­l statement has been exposed for what it is. Another Conservati­ve government self congratula­ting fairy story. Allow me to quote Sky News... “Britain only made a formal request to Turkey over a consignmen­t of personal protective equipment (PPE) on Sunday – the day after a cabinet minister announced the “very significan­t additional shipment” was already heading to the UK, Turkish sources have told Sky News.

“Robert Jenrick, the housing secretary, said at the daily Downing Street press briefing on Saturday that 84 tonnes of the gear, including 400,000 urgently needed clinical gowns, would arrive in the UK from Turkey the following day.

“It failed to materialis­e, but no explanatio­n for the delay was given.

In fact, two sources have told Sky News that no formal request was made to the Turkish authoritie­s

– who were not supplying the shipment, but whose help was required to get it to the UK – until Sunday.”

Readers will note that this questionab­le honest minister actually uses the words “additional shipment”, implying one had already arrived and the next one was on time to arrive the next day – when it had not even been ordered!

This would not have happened had we a national government.

He was simply defending his Conservati­ve Party government against accusation­s of poor, misleading and sloppy management of the pandemic, by practicing an “economy with the truth”, knowing there will be an inquest into the government’s performanc­e when the coronaviru­s file is closed.

Had we a national government, party politics would have been totally set aside. This man would have been questioned by the government of no parties.

In a national government, parliament itself becomes the government and party labels are removed. It would be a government of no parties this minister would have answered to, since all of parliament would be liable for any mismanagem­ent.

It now begs the question: who told him to say what he did and lie to the public? Because someone told him to. The most recent poll of over 2,000 people showed nearly two-thirds believe that Brexit, global warming and other issues should be put in a locked cupboard until the coronaviru­s and its economic and social impact has been cleared.

When that is done, and the cost counted, the PM can take the Brexit virus out of the cupboard and find three nice words to say about it. Any suggestion­s?

M D Frampton Newton Abbot

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