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“People on the front line can rest assured that we’re doing absolutely everything we can and straining everything we can to get the equipment they need”

- Chancellor Rishi Sunak. “It has now been weeks since our lives were changed in so many far-reaching ways by this pernicious virus. We have seen streets become empty and workplaces fall silent. But we have also seen individual­s and communitie­s meeting these strange new circumstan­ces with the age-old values of generosity and courage that the people of Wales have always understood so well”

- The Prince of Wales, opening a

temporary hospital at the Principali­ty Stadium in Cardiff.

“She was my inspiratio­n and a huge reason as to why I am a nurse today. She took huge pride in her work but was so humble. She embodied the nursing spirit”

- Nurse Tom Wood in tribute to

his grandmothe­r Margaret Tapley, a healthcare assistant who died aged 84, nine days

after her final shift. “The idea that my music is being played everywhere all the time. It’s just bizarre”

- Britain’s Got Talent contestant

Beth Porch after her charity single You Taught Me What Love Is, an original song inspired by her job at a children’s hospital, went to number four in the charts. “We hope this structure we are providing, these lessons three a day for our primary school pupils and four a day for our secondary school pupils - helps parents, in whatever way works for them, to create a rhythm and structure that makes it manageable for them to do difficult work”

- Matt Hood of Oak National Academy, a Government­backed virtual school. “The swimming pool had supports that slightly stick out, and I’ve got an overhangin­g peach tree that I was going to put some foam around but I didn’t get round to doing it so I had to be careful I didn’t knock myself out”

- Neil Clark, 51, from London, who completed a half-Ironman triathlon in his back garden, including 1,700 laps of his lawn. “The close connection of the herd, the protective­ness of their young - I think they are a lot more like us than they are different”

- The Duchess of Sussex, about Elephant, the Disneynatu­re documentar­y she narrated

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> Beth Porch, Neil Clark and the Duchess of Sussex

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