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Salary cap ‘would end wages arms race’


A LEAGUE One and League Two salary cap can be agreed right away to bring an end to the player wages “arms race” in the lower two tiers of the English Football League, Forest Green chairman Dale Vince has said.

Vince favours the introducti­on of a salary cap, and mentioned fixed amounts of £3.6million for League One clubs and £2m for teams in League Two.

The suspension of the profession­al game due to the coronaviru­s pandemic has brought the issue of football’s financial sustainabi­lity, particular­ly in the EFL, into sharp relief and Vince believes it is vital to use the downtime so that sensible measures are in place for the 2020-21 season.

“I have seen the email traffic from clubs and club chairmen and I think it has got strong support and has got a good chance of going through,” he told the PA news agency.

“We can all see the problems every year, there are a couple of clubs that just about make it to the end of the season – or don’t – and go into administra­tion.

“A player wage cap would be a way to control that. The amount of money that gets spent by some clubs would then relieve the pressure on other clubs to match it – it becomes an arms race.”

Vince was less receptive to the suggestion of the EFL being regionalis­ed below Championsh­ip level. “I don’t think it would be beneficial to anybody,” he said. “My understand­ing is it was suggested as a way to lower overheads, but I don’t think that stacks up.”

Vince said every effort must be made to finish the season, amid reports some clubs are in favour of ending it now for financial reasons.

“From the perspectiv­e of football, I think it’s important that we finish the season if we can. We’ve spent all year working towards something, fighting promotion and relegation battles, so for the competitio­n and the integrity of that I think we should finish it if we can.”

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