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Pandemic may lead us all to a better place


I HAVE a feeling that, as bad as it is, the Corona pandemic will leave the world a better place – even though the road to ‘normality’ will be difficult and costly.

Hopefully though the human race will have become a great deal less complacent about its achievemen­ts and capabiliti­es. It has made us realise there are far more important things in life than spending our weekend shopping for the most up-to-date fashion, standing in line just to be among the first to have the latest mobile-phone or other electronic gadgets!

And we have become far more aware of, and concerned for, our neighbours and those less fortunate.

The grounding of most of the world’s aircraft and the reduction in road traffic has already had a markedly beneficial effect on the environmen­t. With air fares predicted ro increase sharply when life gets back to normal, it may persuade many more people to holiday at home – which will breathe new life into many of our rundown seaside towns and resorts.

The fact that so many people have been forced to work from home may well have made employers realise that it really isn’t necessary for millions of us to waste time and money commuting long distances to and from work every day – which will also ease congestion on our roads and railways. And company executives may well be asking themselves whether it is really necessary to fly halfway round the world for a meeting that can just as easily be conducted via the latest technologi­cal innovation­s. Importantl­y too, we will be far better prepared to deal with any future catastroph­es.

This pandemic has been a muchneeded wake-up call to the world! Robert (Bob) Readman Bournemout­h

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