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Quango has failed miserably in misison


IT appears that the quango called Public Health England has a budget of £4.2 million ‘to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of the nation’. It’s disgracefu­l that 242 members of this clan earn six figure salaries and that two of them earn half a million pounds between them to advise us on their ‘pet’ subjects, warning parents about kids eating junk food and taking more exercise – now there’s value for money if ever there was!

This quango is also responsibl­e for running the national Covid-19 testing programme, a mission on which they have failed miserably. They have refused to give the go ahead of wholesale testing of NHS staff by a multitude of private organisati­ons who have the correct equipment to screen thousands of NHS workers, which could be a lifesaver in our current crisis.

This smacks of control freakery and incompeten­ce.

Even worse, it appears the Public Health England quango has the politicall­y motivated mindset of hostility towards private sector involvemen­t in our healthcare needs. So much for keeping politics out of our Covid-19 problems!

It seems that Public Health England would rather have thousands of British citizens die than compromise in any way on their out of date (and out of order) left wing views. Time to sack the lot of them and get the job done properly before it’s too late. On the other hand, who appoints these idiots in the first place? No doubt they are appointed by the Sir Humphrey Applebys of this world (must keep it in the family, you know).

Boris must override the politicall­y biased ruling of this quango and get the job done properly for all our sakes. It appears there is no such crime as incompeten­ce, but this is a case where the Left are definitely wrong, not Right.

Edward Kynaston

Lydney, Glos

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