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Lockdown brought out best and worst


LOCKDOWN has given us all time to reflect on the past year and the people and events that has changed our lives forever.

A chance to reflect on how we pay and reward those people who are vital to our survival.

A chance to reflect on how we over reward those so-called superstars of sport and television.

2021 has to be the year when we balance the way we pay the people and industries who have kept us going, despite crippling odds against them, and bring a sense of normality into how we pay our celebritie­s and sports stars.

We owe a massive debt to the nurses and doctors in the NHS who have risked their lives helping victims of the virus, plus all the ancillary staff in hospitals and care homes.

We owe a debt to the farmers and fishermen who toil in all weathers to keep us fed. We remember the crew of the Brixham trawler who died so we would not go hungry.

Andrew Goodridge Dawlish, Devon

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