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Trump presidency should be a lesson


DONALD Trump supplies all British voters with an important question about themselves, because the thinking of British Conservati­ves has always been so close to US Republican Party uncompassi­onate policies.

Was the world disaster of a

Trump presidency caused by the celebrity personalit­y politics of TV presentati­on, where Donald was admired for dominating others in a popular TV programme, and, from that, took over the leadership of the Republican Party?

Or was the problem deeper, the ignorant populism of those increasing numbers within the Republican Party drawn to Donald’s unprincipl­ed views, whatever they were, for emotional reasons of violent hatred?

The 71 million US citizens who still support Donald, after his erratic, clownish performanc­e, quite indifferen­t to any truth, show which is correct.

Similarly in Britain, can we identify our dreadful problem? Boris Johnson is an educated version of Trump, also promoted from a dishonest media, whose popularity depends on making unbelievab­le promises, later recognized as selfpromot­ing lies.

Or is the problem worse? Do the majority of British adults have no better grasp of moral principles than Boris and Brexit, mindlessly hostile to cooperatin­g with any foreigners on the same planet?

CN Westerman Brynna, Mid Glamorgan

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