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Will Macron honour same commitment?


AS I understand it, part of the French insistence on the divorce deal from the EU was that the UK was required not to subsidise any British industry.

I take it that Mr Macron will also honour the same commitment by insisting that French farmers will no longer be helping themselves to the lion’s share of the Common Agricultur­e Policy fund.

After all, French farmers were overpaid by 1.1 billion euros by the CAP in error between 2008 and 2012 but the French government has allegedly agreed to pay this sum back from its own coffers and NOT reclaim it from the French farmers who ‘erroneousl­y’ received it in the first place.

Pot Black Calling Kettle The. Rearrange these words in the right order to describe French duplicity!!

Edward Kynaston Lydney, Gloucester­shire

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