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Food banks should not be just accepted


RE the recent reports that the food bank in Camborne has been given enough money to run for another four years... Don Gardner should be congratula­ted for his commitment in supporting those in his community who need to receive food parcels in order to support their families.

However, should we not all be concerned that the need for a food bank is now just accepted as part of our way of life?

Surely, it reflects on the fact that we have too many people that are unable to earn enough to feed their families, that the social security payments are too low and restrictiv­e, and that we have increasing numbers of the homeless.

We are now in a position when the Government no longer takes responsibi­lity for the welfare of its people and is relying on those who live in these communitie­s to look after their own.

All people should expect a lifestyle that allows them to put food on the table and feed their children and should not have to rely on charity.

We are continuall­y being told we are the fifth-richest nation in the world – so why are we allowing food banks to exist as an essential part of the social support systems?

Nigel May Saltash, Cornwall

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