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Primary schools transmissi­on is found to be ‘extremely low’


TRANSMISSI­ON of Covid-19 in primary schools was “extremely low” and outbreaks were rare during the autumn, Public Health England (PHE) has stated.

The latest PHE study found a “very low risk” of infection in both students and staff in primary schools, after pupils in England returned to class from September, but the paper concludes that similar studies are needed in secondary schools and universiti­es, where the risks of infection are likely to be different.

Study lead Dr Shamez Ladhani said: “Evidence gathered from primaries during the autumn term suggests transmissi­on in primary schools is extremely low and outbreaks are rare.

“There is also very little evidence students or staff are spreading the virus asymptomat­ically within primaries. Schools should be the first setting to reopen, when it is safe to do so.”

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