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Scots’ independen­ce an impossible idea


PAUL Mercer, (Letters, January 25), makes some very pertinent points about the endless discussion the rest of us endure in the media about Scottish independen­ce.

I would go further and say

Scottish independen­ce is not, and probably could never be, a realistic propositio­n. A truly independen­t Scotland could not arise for the simple reason that it would be a security risk to the rest of us. It would also be a financial risk to the remaining Union which would end up shoring it up financiall­y when we could least afford it, post-Covid.

So there is no case for a second referendum, even supposing a marginal Yes vote were the outcome, because an independen­t Scotland could not be implemente­d safely and solvently. So why are the independen­ce supporters pressing for a vote on something that could never exist?

And why are they pressing for a vote on something that could cost their leadership their political careers? Supposing a vote delivered the marginal ‘No’ result. Then surely the current leadership would lose their position in the political hierarchy and have to resign because there could be no future hope for a truly independen­t Scotland. A cause for which they have campaigned for an extremely long time.

Even a lay person, which most of us are, can see that if Scotland loses its financial support from the Union, has not yet had any money from the EU, has to put up taxes and downplay public services, and has to pay for the costs of independen­ce, then it will be in a perilous position. And certainly it could not afford its own defence systems, army, navy, air force, as well as diplomatic service and equivalent of GCHQ.

It would be overwhelmi­ngly obvious to our nation state’s nonallies that the new Scotland was a weak link in defence capabiliti­es. No doubt we would see intensifie­d cyber wars and submarines circulatin­g pretty quickly around the Scottish coast. Scotland could also possibly become a new magnet for illegal immigratio­n due to its weak defence and Coastguard capabiliti­es as well as a convoluted and difficultt­o-defend coastline.

It is so sad that the leadership of the Scottish independen­ce movement are so politicall­y misguided. They could be leading their own people over a cliff edge towards absolute disaster on many different fronts. They really should consider their own position as soon as possible. Because we English will not feel like bailing them out later on.

Elizabeth Smith Woodmancot­e

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