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So many good reasons to have jab


HOW much vaccinatio­n will we need to achieve the desired “herd immunity”, where everyone is safe from Covid-19? At the start of the pandemic, a figure of 60-70% immunisati­on was quoted as being needed for the virus to fade away and for life to return to normal.

The famous Dr Fauci in the US, an expert, has revised upwards his estimation. We will now probably need immunisati­on levels of around 70-90%, meaning that 7 to 9 out of every 10 of us are going to need to have some form of immunisati­on to achieve herd immunity.

It seems that you get some kind of immunity if you’ve had the disease. And the vaccines give immunity to the disease (but only up to 95%, remember, meaning that among people who have had the vaccine,

1 in 20 could still fall ill from the disease despite having had the jab).

This is why the more people have the immunising jab, the better. That’s how we achieve herd immunity. Want to protect yourself? Have the jab. Want to protect the NHS? Have the jab. Want to protect your community and help your country? Have the jab. If in doubt, have the jab.

My doctor says it’s safe to have the vaccine jab, so that’s good enough for me. We can trust the NHS doctors on this one.

P Evans Bristol

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