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Rendells report on January 20 a good entry of lambs forward meeting a fast trade with well covered 44kg Texel cross lambs from Messrs SB & AJ Nicholls, Halwell selling to 248ppk and £109, with other 43kg lambs selling to 247ppk and £106. Closely behind were 47.90kg lambs from MJ & JM Evans, Dunsford selling to £105.50 with other pens selling to 227ppk for 43.80kg lambs from the same vendor. Lighter lambs still meeting strong demand with 40.30kg lambs selling to 238ppk and smaller 34.60 lambs selling to 231ppk from T Minchingto­n, Newton Abbot. Cull ewes sold to £70 for Messrs DC Turner, Wotter.


Kivells report on January 20 a very busy day with the best of the 51 dairy cattle topping at £1,850 on behalf of the Allin family of St Giles on the Heath, with an overall market average of £1,362. An entry of 189 calves and stirks saw the best stirks at £550 for Becky Mills of Petersmarl­and, with best baby bulls at £528 for Messrs Nancekivel­l of Bude and heifers to £385 for James Weeks of Hartland. Just under 200 store cattle saw the tremendous trade continue with Stuart May of Week St Mary topping the day at £1,250, with John Yelland at £1,150. In the sheep pens, an entry of 912 prime sheep saw Messrs Berry top the day at £130, with the premium set at 240p/kg for Mike Watkins of Little Torrington. The 131 store sheep topped at £178 for couples from Messrs Burrow of Torrington.


Exmoor Farmers report on January 20 an entry of 1019 sheep forward for sale, and again some sky-high prices to go with it. Prime hoggs totalling 524-head topped at £138.50 for a pen of 70kg hoggs from D W & J Jones with the top ppk at 268ppk for a pen from J Gregory of showy Beltex hoggs. Leading prices as follows: D W & Jones, as stated, topped the day and followed with a second pen of five 72kg to £138 with others (61.5kg) to £129, 55.5kg to £122.50 and 54.5kg to £121.20. Mrs C Webber broke his run with a pen of 60kg hoggs to £126. Mr R Richards saw his pen of 22 57kg hoggs to £119.50 and a second pen of 18 (54kg) at £116 and his last bunch of five (56kg) at £115.50. S G Stacey saw his heavyweigh­t hogg (59kg) to £116. In the medium weights, 48.5kgs from M & S Hayes sold to £117; 48kgs to £114.50 from G L Steer; D W & J Jones saw a pen of 52kgs at £114.50 and E J W & A J & M J Land saw their pen of six away at £113.80. Mr R Kilvington’s pen of nine 50kg hoggs to £112.80 and a run from R F Jones topped at £112.50 for 46.5kg hoggs. S J & R J Webber’s 51.5kgs to £112 and L Williams saw his pen of 17 47.5kgs to £111.50 with the second bunch from S G Stacey

(50.5kg) to £110 and R F Jones’second pen (46kg) made £107.20. In the lighter weights, 39-45kg category, W H Toze & Son saw his pen of 43.5kg hoggs to £112 and his second pen sold to £105.50. The top ppk of the day was Mr J Gregory, whose pen of 41kg hoggs hit £109.80, closely followed by E J W & A J & M J Land’s pen of 41.5kgs making £109.20. Coombe Farm Partnershi­p saw their pen of 26 42.5kgs to £107 and G L Steer saw a pen of 41.5kgs to £106. S J & R J Webber saw their second bunch of 45kg hoggs to £105 and 44.5kg hoggs from J Pugsley & Son sold to £103. S G Stacey’s third pen (43.5kg) hit £102.50, closely followed by R F Jones’final pen at £102.20 (43.5kg). Lightweigh­t hoggs under 39kg; just a couple of pens forward with P & A Prebensen topping these for a pen of 27 (39kg) at £98; a final pen from S G Stacey of the same weight at £95.20 and a bunch of 22 35.kg hoggs from D Takle hit £91.80. The prime hoggs would be slightly behind on the previous week, a slight slowdown in demand this week due to limited export options for some firms and a Covid outbreak in one of the abattoirs all leading to a slowdown for demand. SQQ average 242.83ppk still showing a good trade and some strong money paid for the right sorts. An entry of 149 store hoggs forward sold to an average of £78.47, with a top of the day at £99.50 for a pen from C & S Sully Farming, followed up by a single from Allercott Partnershi­p at £95.50 and P Sherring saw a bunch of five to £94, with a pen from R Blomfield-Richards hitting £91.50. A pair from W J Burge & Son to £87.50 and P Shopland saw his pen of 23 away at £86.50; a bunch of 24 from P & A Prebensen at £84.50, being equalled by a pair from J Gregory. A run from O Robins topped at £84 and J Elliott saw his top at £77.50. Good demand again for the stores. The 323 grazing ewes sold to a top of £115.50 for ewes from B Blackmore. Others from R M Norman, T Yandle (Suffolks) and J Elliott saw their pens of ewes to £100; C & S Sully Farming closely followed at £98.50 and a run of Suffolk Mules from J Brown topped at £98.20; E J W Land saw his top at £97.50 and Polly Curling sold to £94.50, being equalled by a further pen from R M Norman; S Payne saw his top at £93.80. J Brown sold NCM to £87.80 and T Yandle also sold NCM to £81.80. Exmoor Horn ewes topped at £84 for D Butt. The 23 cull rams sold to a top of £120 for D L & E L Wallace. Others from J Gregory sold to a top of £109.50 and G & A Speed saw theirs away at £105. M & S Hayes & Son saw three Charollais to £94 and W J Burge sold an Exmoor Horn to £89. Another flying trade on ewes with continued strong demand and prices high, with new customers adding to the demand. More required! The next sale will be on Wednesday, February 3 and entries will be required.


Kivells report on January 21 just shy of 200 cattle with another flying trade. Top spot going to Nigel Taylor & Joe Trudgeon of Bodmin with a cracking pair of Charolais cross steers to £1205 at 17m. Next a single Charolais cross steer to at £1140 from P Jones of Bratton Clovelly, a huge steer that will make a great weight. David Key of Wadebridge ran in next with a super run of Limousin and Shorthorn cross cattle, his top a single Limousin steer at 29m to £1190, and a second to £1170. J Crago of Par saw his pen of five blocky Limousin cross steers away to a creditable £1055. The Barrett’s of St Tudy saw his top of a super run of cattle to £1035 for a pair of Limousin cross steers. Not to many heifers around but quality shone through with David Key topping out this section at £1160 for a 26m Limousin cross, and £1155 for a British Shorthorn cross and another the same way bred to £1080. The Langton of Mount saw their Limousin crosses to £990 and £920. A strong run of Friesian cattle from the Angwin Family of Bodmin saw their 17m steers to a top of £925 and a second pen to £920. P Jones saw his Norweign Red Steer at 20m to £850. Younger steers from M Button of St Tudy topped at £770 for a pen of eight 15m steers, and a pen of Swedish Red steers to £755. A topping run of cows saw a strong trade with a top of 129ppk twice, for dairy cows from the Angwin Family, and others at 127ppk. A Hereford cow to a top of 122ppk from the Brewer Family of Boscastle. A few out-wintered cows and calves from W S Harris & Son of St Tudy saw a Limousin cross cow with her three-month-old calf to £1090, and several in and around £1000- £1050. A flying start for the first stirk sale here at Hallworthy with 30 forward, topping at £500 for both Mark Button and W S Harris and Son with Limousin steers both at 6-7m. Mark Button had a lovely run of dairy-bred Limousins from 5-7m, with other steers hit £490 four times and £450 twice, and his heifers realising £445 six times and £400 four times. Steve and Lucy Carpenter ran in next with their 6m Limousin steer which reached £490 and his younger heifers at £345. In the sheep section, a good entry of 149 draft ewes met a slightly easier trade. However, the heavy ewes still realised £95, with eight pens over £100 and topping at £106 from Richard Parsons of Venn Down, Minster. Another good entry of 331 fat hoggs, which were very much sought after, sold to an overall average of 246.8p. The well fleshed hoggs saw several pens over 255p to a top of 261p for a pen of 46kgs £120, from Colin Baker Nanswhyden, St Columb, followed by Mervin Gimblett of Churchtown who realised 258p for a pen of 44kgs £113.50. Several pens of heavies over £118 to a top of £125 from C A Statton of Badgall. A similar entry of 365 store lambs met a sharper trade and a lot more could have been sold. Pen after pen realised £90 and topped at £108 sold by Colin Baker of Nanswhyden, St Columb, who also sold other pens at £106 and £100. A large crowd of prospectiv­e buyers were present for the entry of 70 in-lamb ewes, which resulted in a strong trade. The top price was £148 for a pen of March lambing and FM Mule ewes from Tom Highmoor of St Wenn, who also sold two other pens at £145.


Stags report on January 21 a bigger show of 1243 prime hoggs and as expected an easing of the trade was seen. Our averages were not helped by the large amount of heavy and very thick hoggs on offer. Overall the lighter and medium weight hoggs were back approximat­ely £5 per head, but the heavier sorts (47kg plus) were back £10 on the week. Abattoirs are reporting a large slow down in‘home’sales with hospitalit­y still shut and the export of hoggs is still proving very slow and difficult. The tightness of numbers and the strength of the store lamb trade indicates that prices will still remain strong and that this week is levelling out the recent jump in prices. Again this week the best trade was seen for the 42-46kg hoggs, that weren’t over thick. More hoggs are now being bellied which helps and is noticeable that buyers are wanting more Farm Assured hoggs. A large amount of heavy hoggs nationally has seen their prices drop back especially with hotels, pubs and restaurant­s shut. Topping the day at £135 for a super 72kg Texel ram from Mr CJ Hagar of Ashreigney with 62kg Pure Charollais’from Mrs S May of Ashford at £127 who also has 60kg Pure Suffolk’s to £123, the same value as 60kg Suffolk crosses from Mrs M Tapp of South Molton. £121 to 61kg Suffolk crosses from Messrs DL & JM Bray & Son of Knowstone closely followed at £120.50 to 63kg Texel crosses from Messrs Irwin & Sons of Marianslei­gh. £120 to 60kg Pure Texels from Messrs MC & KD Yeo of Yarnscombe with 52kg Charollais crosses from Messrs White & Tucker of Pennymoor at £119.50. £118.80 to 58.7kg Texel crosses from Mr BEJ Hallett also of Pennymoor with £118 to 58.3kg Texel crosses from Mr AJ Dart of Chulmleigh. £117 twice; the first to 57kg Texel crosses from Mr MJ King & Sons of Iddesleigh and the second to 52.3kg Texel crosses from Messrs Holland Partnershi­p of Warkleigh. £115.50 also hit twice; the first to 53.6kg Suffolk crosses again from Mrs M Tapp and the second to 54.6kg Texel crosses from Mr KA Hill of Bideford. Five pens at £115; the first to Mr KA Hill’s second 55kg Texel pen; the second to 63kg Charollais crosses from Mr G Dart & Sons of Molland; the third and fourth to 47.9kg and 54.6kg Texel crosses from Mr W Smale of North Molton and the fifth to 49.1kg Texel crosses again from Mr MJ King & Sons. Best pens today rose to 251ppk three times; the first to 42kg Texel crosses from Messrs IFJ & JC Harris of Beaworthy; the second to 43.5kg Charollais crosses from Messrs GF & PJ Warne of Umberleigh and the third to 40kg Texel crosses from Messrs MJ & AL Elston of Romansleig­h. 250ppk to

41.5kg Texel crosses from Mr G Dart & Sons of Molland with 249ppk hit three times; the first to 42.3kg Texel crosses from Mr RF Jones of Heasley Mill; the second to 43.3kg Texel crosses from Mr TJ Norman of Milverton and the third to 43kg Charollais crosses again from the Dart Family. 248ppk twice; the first to 43.3kg Texel crosses from Messrs HJ & RH Mildon of Brayford with the second to 43kg Texel crosses from Messrs JB & MA Turner of Harracott. Double at 247ppk also; the first to 40.5kg Charollais crosses again from Messrs GF & PJ Warne and the second to 44.6kg Charollais crosses from Mr GR McLeod of Swimbridge. 246ppk twice; twice; the first to 43.9kg Texel crosses from Mr ME Snell & Son of Knowstone and the second to 46kg Texel crosses from Messrs TH & PM Bolt of Huntsham. Five pens at 245ppk; the first to 37kg Texel crosses from Mr HJ Dart of Bishops Nympton; the second to 44.2kg Texel crosses from Messrs RG & GK Cowle of Winkleigh; the third to 45.4kg Texel crosses again from Mr RF Jones; the fourth to 39.7kg Texel crosses from Mr DJ Weeks of Torrington and the fifth to 46kg Texel crosses from Messrs White & Tucker of Pennymoor. A much smaller show of 243 cull sheep this week sold to a similar strong trade that we have seen in recent weeks. Another good show of buyers around the ring ensuring all classes of ewes were wanted. A new buyer this week requesting Farm Assured ewes only. Best trade for the strongest lean ewes which always look a strong prices against the bigger, thicker ewes. A large number of rams forward which all met demand. Best Suffolk Mules this week generally £95-£100 and best Mules £85-£90. Best ewes today at £127 and £108 to Pure Texels from Messrs MC & KD Yeo of Yarnscombe with two pens of similar ewes from Mr N Rottenbury at £119.50 and £114 respective­ly. Two pens at £100; the first to Suffolk Mules from Mr GW Loosemore of North Molton and the second to Texel crosses from Messrs C & DR Nicholas of Beara Charter. £99.50 to Suffolks from Messrs Yeo again with £99 to Suffolk Mules from Mr RW Tapp & Son of South Molton. £98 to Pure Suffolks from Messrs HJ & RH Mildon of Brayford with Texel crosses again from Mr Rottenbury at £96.50, the same value as Charollais crosses from Messrs RG & GK Cowle of Winkleigh. Three pens at £96; the first and second to Suffolk crosses from Messrs RJ & AR Snell of Burrington and Messrs HJ & RH Mildon again with the third to Pure Suffolks from Mr S May of Ashford. £95.50 to Suffolk crosses from Mr PJ Huxtable of Bratton Fleming with Texel crosses from Messrs Temuka Ltd of Meshaw at £95. Best rams at £108 for a Charollais from Messrs Temuka Ltd with a Suffolk from Mr PJ Berry of Barnstaple at £105. Blue Faced Leicesters from Messrs RJ & P Burge of Bratton Fleming at £100.50. Our first entry of goats for the year saw a pen of six Boer’s top at £110 from Mr AA Hannaford of Molland Cross.


Kivells report on January 25 prime cattle selling to a top of 229ppk given for a 548kg Limousin heifer (20m) which returned £1252 for Rosie Fishleigh of Sourton Cross whilst a (580kg) Limousin heifer out of the same trailer drew 214ppk and £1238. Michael and Stephen Harvey brought Blonde bred heifers which sold to 224ppk and 218ppk with the heaviest weighing in at 642kg and realising £1396. Michael Tooze of Broadsands saw his 650kg Aberdeen Angus steer rise to 214ppk and £1396 followed by a 594kg Limousin steer at 209ppk and £1238 for Jason and Cathy Crang of Cadeleigh and a 692kg Limousin heifer off the same farm which at 206ppk reached a market topping £1422. The better of a couple of 638kg South Devon steers from Steve Harris of Littlehemp­ston fetched 209ppk and £1330. A pair of Limousin barren cows from Michael Ware of Silverton headed that section with one at 730kg easing to

175ppk or £1273 whilst the other at 820kg reached 165ppk and £1348. Further Limousin bred cows from Andrew Johns of Newton Abbot picked up 143ppk and £1078 whilst a young 618kg Simmental barrener from Douglas Horton of Kingsbridg­e returned 174ppk and £1072. Native breed sorts saw a 596kg Devon cow reach 136ppk and £807 for Jeff Harvey of Hennock, Aberdeen Angus from Graham and Lisa Heard of Broadclyst topped at 135ppk and £987 and a 788kg Lincoln Red earned 129ppk and £1012 for Richard Smallwood of Bridestowe. Hereford’s ran to £1062 (840kg x 127ppk) for J Smerdon and Co of Ivybridge who also sold a 570kg Belted Galloway cow for £641 (570kg x 113ppk). A quieter day in the sheep pens as some farmers react to the price drop in hoggs and some are hampered by the weather and road conditions. Just 527 prime sheep included a total of 50 prime new season lambs which met decent demand from local butchers and wholesaler­s as well as some larger abattoirs. Topping the trade at £114 was heavy weight lambs from Robin & Liam Dare of Upottery who had others at £110 as well as 43kg lambs at £111.50 (259ppk) whilst Phillip Dennis of North Tawton sold 40kg lambs at £108.50 (271ppk) and Derek Cole of Bradninch sold 37kgs at £98.50 (266ppk). NSL SQQ 262ppk. A very mixed offering of 477 hoggs were a similar trade to how last week ended with an SQQ of 233ppk being 22p less on the week, but quality amounting for nearly half of that. In spec hoggs were always 235 to 250ppk selling to a top of 252ppk for Jerry Wood of Dartington with 45kgs at £113.50. Half a dozen pens over £115 to a top of £118.50 for David Harris of Stoke Fleming and £118 for Peter Hunt of Stokeintei­gnhead. An entry of 594 cull ewes and rams were again lacking the quality of last week but if anything sold to a stronger trade for all forward. Top money today of £134 for Texel ewe from AT Edwards of Tavistock whilst Martin Gillbard of Morchard Bishop sold penful’s at £129 and £124.50, Derek Cole of Bradninch saw his best make £128, the Perryman family of Black Dog at £126 and Stuart Middleton of Cullompton at £125. Rams to £127 for David & Adrian Cole of Bradninch whilst the best mule ewes hit £104 for Ellen Yandle of Mamhead and the overall average was £87.


Lodge & Thomas report on January 20 a fair entry of 27 UTM prime cattle containing a mixture of single suckled and dairy cross types with prices improving yet again and very strong demand for all. More needed. Top price per kilo was 230p for a 579kg Limousin cross heifer from WH & LM Williams & Son, Allet realising £1,332 to Peter Morris Butchers, St Columb. Premium steer a 629kg Limousin cross from a nice entry for J & J Sawle & Son, Beacon knocked down at 228p/kg to David King, Exeter. Top value at £1,521 (222p/kg) was a 685kg Limousin cross from W Maxfield-Coote, St Allen going to JV Richards Ltd, Perranwell Station; with a heavier 727kg South Devon cross from RH & CD Care, St Buryan realising £1,512 (208p/kg) to David Ellis, Lelant. Premium steers to 228p/kg (221.67p). Prime steers to 208p/kg (194.25p). All steers average 199.76p/kg. Premium heifers to 230p/kg (224p). Prime heifers to 198p/kg (190.27p). All heifers average 197.31p/kg. A big 881kg South Devon cross OTM steer from JD Bromley & Son, St Gluvias sold at 163p/kg and £1,436 to David King. A fantastic trade for an improved entry of 53 cull cows with fierce competitio­n between the buyers especially for the heavy, well-fleshed cows. Topping the day at 165p/kg and £1,252 was a super British Blue cross cow for SM & J Blee, St Martin bought by Dawn West Devon, Hatherleig­h. Premium Friesian at 136p/kg for the pick from BH, GJ & FBW Ely, St Keverne and purchased by David King. Top value black and white was a big 821kg cow from R, NWG & PJ Worden, Gunwalloe at 129p/kg realising £1,059 to Dawn West Devon. All dairy breeds a big trade with 122p/kg for a Norwegian Red cross and Jerseys to 112p/kg. Beef cows to 165p/kg (136.34p). Dairy cows to 136p/kg (104.27p). An entry of 110 store cattle met a roaring trade, particular­ly for the short finishing strong cattle, but no lack of demand for all on offer with plenty of genuine buyers in attendance. A real highlight this week was the advertised entry of 10 Limousin cross steers on behalf of J Richards, St Keverne seeing the 20m trio realising £1,295 and all averaging £1,264!! An entry of South Devon cross cattle around 22m for JR Stephens, St Winnow saw £1,250 for a steer and heifers overall top with a pair at £1,030. A similar age South Devon cross steer made £1,140 for SJ Rowe &

Son, Gwinear, who also sold a 19m Hereford cross steer pair well at £1,055. A nice run of 17 Limousin cross cattle around 18m from JM, SK & JK Sawle, Gunwalloe saw best bunch of four steers £985 with heifer bunches to £890. Lim strs £1,295, hfrs £890, SD strs £1,250, hfrs £950, Hfd strs £1,055, hfrs £815, BB hfrs £900, Sim hfrs £850, AA hfrs £825. 12mo - BB strs £645, Dev strs £640, hfrs £440, Fries strs £460. The current strong finished trade as well as the exceptiona­l demand for store cattle keep the rearing calf and stirk prices up at healthy levels. An entry of 87-head saw older Simmental cross calves from PJ Grylls & Sons, Kenwyn saw three bulls all £300 and the heifer £305. Older British Blue cross heifers for two vendors both £280. A highlight of the younger calves including a 16-day-old Aberdeen Angus cross bull realising £218 for AG Cave, Rame and a month-old quality Charolais cross heifer from J & S Trembath, Zennor at £200. Sim bulls £300 (£242), hfrs £305 (£250), Hfd bulls £255 (£215), Lim bulls £238, hfrs £188 (£154), AA bulls £218 (£179), hfrs £155 (£129), BB bulls £218 (£150), hfrs £280 (£147), Char hfrs £200, Fries bulls £185 (£137), bobby calves £47 (£37). Older stirks from CJ & JE Colwell, Grampound saw seven over £400. Hfd hfrs

£445, BB males £420 (£409), hfrs £420, Dev hfrs £360, AA males £340. In the sheep pens, an entry of 189 hogs with trade not managing to live up to the great expectatio­ns of last week’s exceptiona­l prices. On reflection, prices are standing tall, with all but a few pens exceeding the £100 mark and to a top price of £120 for three vendors. Setting the premium to 254p/kg were a pen of well-finished handy weights from K Langmaid & Son, St Veep, purchased by RJ Trevarthen Ltd, Roskrow. Producers are encouraged to market hogs on the current trade. Medium to 254p/kg (238p). Heavy to 248p/kg (228p). Overweight to 212p/kg (199.56p). SQQ average 238p. Strong prices prevailed for the 80 cull ewes, the edge just taken off this week but a respectabl­e trade across the board. Selling to £106 for a single shapely ewe from R Withers, Probus. First quality to £106 (£92). Second quality to £78 (£69). What a trade for the 66 stores! No let-up in demand and fiery competitio­n topping at £103.50 for Charollais crosses from Methleigh Farm Ltd, Porthleven. Best to £103.50 (£93). Medium to £86. Smaller to £47.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report on January 25 a good entry of 94 prime cattle (80 UTM and 14 OTM) which met a very strong trade, dearer again when many more could have been sold to advantage. Top was 231ppk for a plum red Limousin heifer from T & RT Gazard, Thornbury, who also sold a pure Simmental heifer at 212.5ppk and red Limousin steers at 209.5 and 206ppk. A run of superb red Limousin heifers at 228.5, 220.5 and 219.5ppk from J & S Vinnicombe & Son, Ottery St Mary. Quality heifers at 213 (Charolais) 209 (Blonde) and 205.5ppk (Charolais) from MJ Tuckett & Partners, Exeter. Barley Blue heifers at 210, 209.5 and 204ppk from SER Hunt, Kilve. Good, leaner black Limousin heifer at

209ppk from Hayman & Groves, Blagdon. Similar black Limousin heifer at 205ppk from D & K Ware, Skilgate. A run of well fleshed Hereford heifers rose to 197.5ppk from MW Hoskins, Kingston Magna, who sold others at 197.5 again, 194.5, 193.5 (3x) 192.0 and 188.5ppk. Steers peaked at 215ppk for a shapely, very lean black

Limousin (639kg) from D & K Ware again, who sold a good black Limousin at 200.5ppk. Smart Charolais steers at 213.5, 203.5 and 199ppk from L & A Maddock & Co, Wiveliscom­be. Barley Blue at 207ppk from SER Hunt again. Well grown suckler bred steers at 206.5 (Charolais) 199.5 (Limousin) and 196.5ppk (Charolais) from RE Webber, Stringston. Further suckler bred Limousin steer at 203ppk from Hayman & Groves, Charterhou­se. Native steers rose to 193.5ppk for a Hereford from J Brock again, who sold another at 187.5ppk and good Friesian steers at 180.5 and 175ppk. Angus to 191.5ppk from JM Darby, Bishops Lydeard. Another well done Friesian at 188.5ppk from KH Tucker, Wedmore. OTM Friesian steers to 184, 179.5 and 179 from AJ Gay & Sons Ltd. Holstein steers to 177ppk from J & S Vinnicombe & Son. Steers sold to £1,542.45 for an OTM Blue from Vigar & Son, Langport, who sold another OTM Blue at £1,530.76. Further OTM Blue at £1,462.64 from GDW Isaac & Son, Broadhembu­ry. UTM steers to £1,503.23 for a Charolais from RE Webber, who sold another at £1,360.84. Angus steer at £1,486.04 from JM Darby. Charolais at £1,442.75 and £1,377.70 from L & A Maddock & Co. Limousin at £1,373.85 from D & K Ware. Heifers topped at £1,393.92 for a grand 713kg Blue from AAB Rowe & Son, Chilton Trinity, who sold others at £1,292.24 and £1,281.83. OTM Blue at £1,340.50 from Vigar & Son. Further Blue heifer at £1,312.62 from HJ & HB Case Ltd, Highbridge. Lightweigh­t (562kg) Limousin at £1,298.22 from T & RT Gazard. Many heifers £1200 plus, including a Montbeliar­de at £1216 from MW Hoskins. More cattle wanted for next week. A medium entry of 64 barren cows and cull stock bulls met another very, very strong trade. Many more could have been sold to advantage and more wanted next week to keep this very favourable trade moving. Top was 163.5ppk for a slick Angus cross Blue from SR Bishop & Son, Beaminster. Charolais at 158.5 and 134.5ppk from Hayman & Groves, Blagdon and 149.5 and 139.5ppk (NA) from JC Burdge, Bristol. Angus cows at 136.5 and 129.5ppk from BM Rogerson, Chilton Polden. Simmental at 132.5ppk from LC & AD Hoare, Clayhidon. Sucklers sold to an outstandin­g £1,332.05 for a Charolais (891kg and NA) from JC Burdge, who sold another at £1,325.25 (950kg and NA). Angus at £1,209.90 from SR Bishop & Son. Simmental at £1,155.40 from LC & AD Hoare. Dairy breeds on fire to 135.5ppk for a Fleckvieh from RF & BA Larcombe, Chardstock, who also sold a non UK Holstein at 123.5ppk. Further good meat black and whites at 134.5ppk, SR Bishop & Son again; 129.5, 128.5, 126.5, 124.5 (2x) and 123.5 (2x) all from MD Pyle Ltd, Broadhembu­ry; 128.5, 127.5 and 124.5ppk, CJ & AJ Herrod, Highbridge; 125.5 and 122.5ppk, New Farm Bowdens Ltd, Langport; 124.5 (3x) and 123.5ppk, W Read Partnershi­p, Taunton; 123.5 and 122.5ppk, CG, GR & MS Spiller, Upottery; 122.5ppk J Read & Co, Taunton and 122.5ppk again, AC House & Son, Taunton. Black and whites sold to £1,106.94 from SR Bishop & Son. Others £1,097.39, £1,042.34 and £1,033.35, MD Pyle Ltd; £1,059.63, RF & BA Larcombe and £1,012.58, CJ & AJ Herrod. More cows kindly requested. In the sheep pens, fewer hoggs forward at 662-head sold, as expected, at lower levels for all presented. The best handyweigh­ts sold to 262 and 257ppk from C Dimmock. Others 258ppk from ML & EE Edwards; 255 and 251ppk from CJ Sage; 255ppk from D & A Mead & Co and 250ppk from R & G Matravers. Heavier hoggs sold to £119.50 from L Habberfiel­d & Sons. Others £118 from C Dimmock; £117, £115.50 and £115 (2x) from J Sprake & Partners; £116 and £115 from LA Read; £116 from RH Groves & Sons and £115.510 (2x) from FH & PJ Bailey. Overall average £107.38.

 ?? Athwenna Irons ?? > A stock image of sheep in the pens ready for sale at Truro Livestock Market in Cornwall
Athwenna Irons > A stock image of sheep in the pens ready for sale at Truro Livestock Market in Cornwall

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