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FOR every fan with steely willpower who has managed not to binge this entire series already, this is the must-see second episode.

After the unexpected arrival of dodgy dad Andy (Joe Absolom), Lisa (Morven Christie) has kicked him out and is determined to completely ignore him.

This infuriates her son Rob, who wants to get to know his dad, despite his mum and sister Abbie protesting.

Lisa questions Andy’s motives as he remains determined to rebuild a relationsh­ip with his family, while her mum Penny (Lindsey Coulson) discovers she is being kept in the dark.

Meanwhile, the case of the family man shot on his doorstep gathers pace, with his son Oliver finally talking about what he saw.

The cops manage to pull together an e-fit from Oliver’s descriptio­n, and the boy also remembers something else that gives detectives a significan­t lead.

And all the while, the ‘perfect family’ facade of the Marshbrook­s begins to crack.

 ??  ?? Morven Christie as DC Lisa Armstrong
Morven Christie as DC Lisa Armstrong
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Andy (Joe Absolom)
Andy (Joe Absolom)

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