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VOILA! Vocabulary, Observatio­n, Intuition, Logic and Arithmetic


Introducin­g a brand-new system of integrated puzzles designed to increase your mental agility. Targeting the five key areas of Vocabulary, Observatio­n, Intuition, Logic and Arithmetic, each exercise is carefully graded to give your brain a healthy work-out, while benefiting your powers of concentrat­ion and increasing your problem-solving skills. You can either do each day's group of puzzles all at once, or fit them in whenever you have the time. Target times are given in minutes in the clocks. They require no special knowledge or abilities, but with regular practice you'll soon find your daily average time improving. And they're fun too! So take the VOILA test today. You're never too young to start, and it's never too late to make the most of your most important faculty – your brain.

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