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Spain short of vaccines after delivery delays


HEALTH authoritie­s in Spain have said they are running out of Covid-19 vaccines and will have to postpone giving shots to health workers and nursing home residents due to delays in deliveries by pharmaceut­ical companies.

Catalonia’s public health chief, Josep Argimon, said that the region that is home to Barcelona will have used up all its available vaccines by Friday, when its “refrigerat­ors will be empty”.

Mr Argimon said this will mean that 10,000 people who had received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine will not be able to get their required second dose as planned 21 days later.

Mr Argimon said “in theory this should not be a problem” because the guidelines approved by the European Union indicate the second dose can be administer­ed 21 to 45 days after the first shot.

But he said: “All these elements add more uncertaint­y to the vaccinatio­n scheme.”

Mr Argimon said Catalonia had also experience­d a delay in receiving the Moderna coronaviru­s vaccine, the only other vaccine currently approved by the EU, which was supposed to arrive this week but has been pushed back until Monday.

Spain, along with the rest of the European Union, has suffered inoculatio­n delays since Pfizer announced two weeks ago that it would have a temporary reduction in deliveries so it could upgrade its plant in Puurs, Belgium.

The EU, however, is pressing all vaccine companies to make sure they carry out their promised vaccine deliveries.

“We believe that the European Union and Spain as a member state should take a firm stance that the contracts must be honoured,” Mr Argimon said.

Madrid regional vice president Igancio Aguado also announced that Spain’s capital is stopping new vaccinatio­ns in order to use what it has in stock to ensure that those waiting for a second dose do not go without it.

Mr Aguado said the current pace of vaccinatio­ns will make it impossible to meet the national government’s goal of inoculatin­g 70% of Spain’s 47 million residents by summer.

Spain has administer­ed 95% of the 1.3 million vaccines it has received as part of the EU plan, according to the health ministry. Only 123,000 people have received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine. US President Joe Biden has announced that the US is ramping up coronaviru­s vaccine deliveries to hard-pressed states over the next three weeks and expects to provide enough doses to vaccinate 300 million Americans by the end of the summer or early autumn.

The move comes amid growing frustratio­n over vaccine shortages.

Mr Biden, calling the push a “wartime effort”, said the administra­tion was working to buy an additional 100 million doses of each of the two approved coronaviru­s vaccines. He acknowledg­ed that states in recent weeks have been left guessing how much vaccine they will have from one week to the next.

 ?? Markus Schreiber ?? Roses lie with a note saying “#weremember”, at the Holocaust Memorial on the Internatio­nal Holocaust Remembranc­e Day, in Berlin, Germany.
Markus Schreiber Roses lie with a note saying “#weremember”, at the Holocaust Memorial on the Internatio­nal Holocaust Remembranc­e Day, in Berlin, Germany.

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