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Stroke patients lucky to have Derriford


WITH all the publicity about current pressures on the NHS it seems appropriat­e to relay my recent experience of being admitted as an emergency acute stroke patient to Derriford Hospital Plymouth, after excellent paramedic service at home.

After various scans it was decided to go ahead with a thrombecto­my. This is an amazing procedure where a micro wire is inserted into your brain via an artery in the groin and the crippling blood clot removed.

I was transferre­d to the acute stroke ward under the clinical and therapy stroke team, where I made an excellent recovery and was discharged – having recovered the use of my left hand and speech.

During my stay a lot of clinical, anaestheti­c, nursing, therapy, Radiologic­al, MRI and CT scan and Pathology and general resources were used, all extremely well. Derriford is recognised as a regional centre for performing thrombecto­mies for treating stroke – because it has an incredible combinatio­n of knowledge, detection, skill and technology – and smooth teamwork.

The hospital maintains its excellent acute services. Aren’t we lucky in Plymouth!!

Peter Holt Newton Ferrers

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