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School workers must be priority for a jab


AT present we are doing the easy part in containing the covid virus. With common sense it is not a problem to distribute the vaccine to the various hubs and inject it.

The big decisions to be made by politician­s are what do we do with those who refuse the vaccine. Will they be allowed to travel by air or public transport?

I do hope that our leaders have the courage to make decisions to protect us all and not chicken out and leave critical decisions to private companies and courts.

The one decision they have to make now is to get children back to school. It is a travesty that we are willing to neglect a generation. School teachers and workers have to be vaccinated as a priority, as no one can blame them if they refuse to work without protection by vaccinatio­n.

If we can inject murderers even, or the Archbishop of Canterbury, surely we can protect a profession that will produce the future scientists, doctors, nurses, engineers, etc, who are vital in making this country great again.

Keith Wheeler, Yeovil

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