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Why there should be total ban on hunting


YES, the Hunting Bill does need changing – to a TOTAL ban on all activities with packs of dogs! It is what the 100-year fight against hunting was for – the only way to stop this shameful excuse for a sport, which should have been banned a century ago when other cruel sports were, thanks to all who are civilised.

Why is it still going on? Everyone knows of course, the loud arrogant rich, who always get their way, weren’t going to give up their activities. Because of their money and positions to influence lawmakers, Tony Blair’s government listened to people in high places, not to the 85% of us that want hunting banned. Consistent­ly, all that time, this vast majority have and always will be against all heinous cruelty to God’s most innocent, defenceles­s beings. Bloodsport­s are most certainly NOT sport, just activities for uncivilise­d barbarians with no viable justificat­ion. They will never abide by any laws, they think they are above such trivial things.

A shameful blight on our standing in the world.

Mrs T Duke, Mary Tavy, Tavistock

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