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MANPREET is busy planning a kayaking trip for her and Rishi, even though he’s not keen.

Meanwhile, Harriet is fuming that Charles hasn’t done as she asked and handed in her notice.

Later, Charles and Manpreet come face to face and both look shell shocked to say the least. What is their history? A distressed Manpreet begs Charles to keep quiet about the past.

Elsewhere, Debbie worries that Sarah is seeing Danny again and Charity makes a call for help.


GRAY suggests to Whitney that they have a movie night with the kids, but he’s taken aback to hear that she has a date, so he manipulate­s her into doubting the date.

Meanwhile, Honey and Jay decide it’s time to tell Billy the truth and Honey asks Billy for a word. But Billy thinks she wants to get back together.

Elsewhere, love is in the air as Ben, with help from Lexi and Lola, puts his engagement plan into action.

 ??  ?? Manpreet begs Charles to keep her secret
Manpreet begs Charles to keep her secret
 ??  ?? Gray plans a night in
Gray plans a night in

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