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You can charge an elec­tric car or plug-in hy­brid through a mains three-pin socket, a spe­cially tted home wall­box, or at a pub­lic charg­ing sta­tion on the road or at your des­ti­na­tion. Wall­box or home charger

If you own or lease an elec­tric car, you can get a home charg­ing sta­tion in­stalled. these come in ei­ther slow 3kw or faster 7kw and 22kw forms. For the Nis­san Leaf, the 3kw wall­box will give a full charge in six to eight hours, while the 7kw unit re­duces the time to three to four hours.

Pub­lic charg­ers

There are cur­rently about 17,000 pub­lic charg­ing points in the UK, and this num­ber is grow­ing all the time. As of this year, it is a le­gal re­quire­ment for all large petrol sta­tions and mo­tor­way ser­vices to pro­vide charg­ing points. they are usu­ally fast or rapid charg­ers.

Ecotric­ity, which pro­vides charg­ing points at all mo­tor­way ser­vices in the UK, charges about £6 for a 45-minute recharge with a rapid charger. In a Nis­san Leaf, this should ll up the bat­tery to 80% of its full range.

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