Costs for petrol, diesel, hy­brid and elec­tric cars

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What would the dif­fer­ences be in cost per mile and day-to-day re­al­i­ties be­tween the GTE (plug-in hy­brid), e-golf (elec­tric), 1.5 TSI (petrol) and 2.0 TDI (diesel) ver­sions of the Volk­swa­gen Golf? Much of my driv­ing in­volves 100-mile-plus trips on mo­tor­ways and dual car­riage­ways. What Car? says

This is be­com­ing a com­mon ques­tion, so we’ve ex­am­ined the cost of own­er­ship of a range of petrol, diesel, hy­brid, plug-in hy­brid and elec­tric cars at what­

The petrol Golf would be the cheap­est to own for three years, but there’s not much in it; the e-golf would cost just £621 more. Pro­vided you’ll have enough juice to get to work and back or can charge there, it’s an ap­peal­ing op­tion. In fact, if you can charge at work for free or on a cheaper tar­iff at home, it could cost the least over­all.

Your high mileage and large pro­por­tion of mo­tor­way driv­ing make the plug-in hy­brid the prici­est, be­cause it won’t man­age more than 30 miles be­fore its bat­ter­ies are flat, and then you just have an over­weight petrol Golf. That’s why the GTE got just 34.1mpg in our True MPG test.

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