Fire risk in BMWS Ex­haust sys­tem fault in diesel en­gines leads to re­call of 268,000 BMWS in the UK

Fire risk prompts ac­tion; 268,000 cars af­fected in the UK

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BMW IS RE­CALL­ING 1.6 mil­lion diesel-en­gined cars, in­clud­ing 268,000 in the UK, due to a po­ten­tial fire risk.

The re­call spec­i­fies that the ex­haust gas re­cir­cu­la­tion (EGR) sys­tem, which helps re­duce harm­ful NOX emis­sions, can in some cases leak coolant. In com­bi­na­tion with the high tem­per­a­tures present in the EGR mo­d­ule, this could re­sult in smoul­der­ing soot par­ti­cles.

It adds that “in very rare cases”, these par­ti­cles could melt the en­gine’s in­take man­i­fold and “in ex­tremely rare cases” there is a risk that it could lead to a fire.


BMW found the is­sue dur­ing an in­ter­nal in­ves­ti­ga­tion. It af­fects sev­eral mod­els, in­clud­ing ex­am­ples of the 3 Se­ries and 5 Se­ries saloon and es­tate, 4 Se­ries and 6 Se­ries coupé and con­vert­ible, and X3, X4, X5 and X6 SUVS.

An ear­lier world­wide re­call, launched in Au­gust 2018, was aimed at rec­ti­fy­ing 480,000 ve­hi­cles, but this has now been ex­tended.

Four-cylin­der diesels built be­tween De­cem­ber 2014 and Au­gust 2016 are in­cluded, as are six-cylin­der cars pro­duced be­tween July 2012 and June 2015.

Cer­tain ver­sions of the 1 Se­ries, 2 Se­ries, 7 Se­ries and X1, built as early as Au­gust 2010 and as late as Jan­uary 2017, will also be checked.

As with all re­calls, let­ters are be­ing sent to the reg­is­tered own­ers of af­fected cars, rec­om­mend­ing that they book their car in with their lo­cal dealer for re­me­dial work. How­ever, if you are con­cerned and haven’t re­ceived a let­ter yet, you can get in touch with a BMW deal­er­ship by email­ing ser­[email protected] or call­ing 0370 5050 160.


Ex­plain­ing its de­ci­sion to ex­pand the orig­i­nal re­call, BMW said in a state­ment: “Dur­ing fur­ther ex­am­i­na­tion of en­gines with a sim­i­lar tech­ni­cal set-up [to the first cars], the BMW Group an­a­lysed in­di­vid­ual cases that were not in­cluded in the orig­i­nal tech­ni­cal cam­paigns.

“These in­di­vid­ual cases posed no sig­nif­i­cant risk to our cus­tomers,” the com­pany added. “None­the­less, it was de­cided to fur­ther re­duce even this mi­nor risk by ex­pand­ing the coun­try-spe­cific tech­ni­cal cam­paigns.

“It is the goal of the BMW Group to sup­port the trust and con­fi­dence of our cus­tomers in our prod­ucts.”

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