Miles Davis – Concierto De Aran­jeuz (Ada­gio) To test at­tack

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By the time Sketches Of Spain was re­leased in 1960, Miles Davis was in the process of es­tab­lish­ing him­self as a mu­si­cian for whom no ter­ri­tory was un­chartable. His per­for­mance

(and Gil Evans’ ar­range­ment, which can­not be un­der­stated) of Joaquín Ro­drigo’s Concierto De

Aran­jeuz fuses jazz and Euro­pean clas­si­cal styles more suc­cess­fully, and more sat­is­fy­ingly, than any at­tempt be­fore or since. But de­spite Davis as­sert­ing the melody of

Concierto De Aran­jeuz is “so strong… the softer you play it, the stronger it gets”, it’s the more aban­doned mo­ments of this record­ing that will shine a spot­light or your sys­tem’s abil­ity (or oth­er­wise) to at­tack the higher fre­quen­cies. Be­tween flugel­horn, trum­pet, cas­tanets and per­cus­sive shak­ers of all de­scrip­tions, your set-up has its work cut out to com­mu­ni­cate the mu­si­cians' re­lent­less drive and mo­men­tum.

If it can’t, mo­ments that should thrill with their tre­ble at­tack will sound more like the box of tam­bourines be­ing taken down from the pri­mary-school cup­board.

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