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Adds weight and nat­u­ral warmth; flex­i­ble con­fig­u­ra­tion FOR AGAINST Noth­ing at this price

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The Hi-fi Racks Om­nium8 is about as con­fig­urable an equip­ment rack as we have come across. Our re­view sam­ple is pretty much the vanilla op­tion, apart from the black up­rights; but if that isn’t quite to your tastes don’t worry, there’s plenty of scope for ad­just­ment.

This sup­port is avail­able in two stan­dard widths, one just short of 57cm and the other a me­tre wide. Both op­tions have a depth of 46cm. That should be enough for most re­quire­ments, but Hi-fi Racks is noth­ing if not flex­i­ble, and be­spoke sizes can be made to or­der should you need them.

There’s a choice of eight stan­dard fin­ish op­tions and no fewer than four dif­fer­ent types of up­rights – round up­rights are avail­able in 31mm and 46mm widths or there’s square in 32mm and 46mm. Other de­ci­sions you will need to make in­clude the num­ber of shelves re­quired, their spac­ing and whether the up­rights are bolted or spiked. You get the idea – this rack can be con­fig­ured to taste, and can ac­com­mo­date just about any set-up, no mat­ter how com­plex.

The nuts and bolts

Our re­view sam­ple is a bolt-to­gether de­sign and it takes us around 15 min­utes to build. The in­struc­tions could be a lit­tle clearer, but it’s still about as straight­for­ward as as­sem­bling most flat-pack fur­ni­ture. Once made, the Om­nium8 feels solid and the over­all qual­ity is good. A cou­ple of the threaded in­serts in the up­rights weren’t quite put in squarely, but with a lit­tle brute force it all aligns neatly.

This rack looks smart and we like the cutout at the back of the shelves to help keep ca­bles tidy. In our ex­pe­ri­ence, equip­ment racks can af­fect the per­for­mance of equip­ment strongly. It’s to do with the way the sup­port deals with vi­bra­tion from the en­vi­ron­ment and how it han­dles stray me­chan­i­cal en­ergy from the prod­ucts them­selves.

We try a range of prod­ucts on the Hi-fi Racks from the Cyrus CDI and Marantz CD6006 UK CD play­ers to our ref­er­ence Gamut D3i preamp and Rega’s Brio in­te­grated amp. In all cases, plac­ing the equip­ment on the Om­nium8 sup­port adds sonic weight and warmth to their pre­sen­ta­tion, com­pared with a ri­val rack, in the shape of the Award-win­ning Ata­cama Evoque 60-40 SE.

Agility and pre­ci­sion

The Ata­cama coun­ters by im­prov­ing the equip­ment’s agility and pre­ci­sion, though both sup­ports en­able our var­i­ous set-ups to ren­der sim­i­lar amounts of de­tail. We play a range of mu­sic, from Jay-z’s 4.44 set all the way through to De­bussy’s Clair De Lune, and have no is­sue with the over­all bal­ance dic­tated by ei­ther sup­port. That the Om­nium8 can be com­pared with our cur­rent Award-win­ner and emerge with pride in­tact says much for the qual­ity of the prod­uct. If the style and its flex­i­bil­ity ap­peals, dive right in.

“This rack can be con­fig­ured to taste and can ac­com­mo­date just about any set-up, no mat­ter how com­plex”

The rack adds warmth and weight to our sys­tem’s sound

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