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Three great AV systems using our Award winners. From a TV and soundbar, to a full surround system


There’s nothing like an extended period of time spent confined to barracks to make us appreciate our home comforts – not least our audio-visual equipment. Where would we be in these testing times without the ability to access that extensive world of boxsets, TV dramas, films and documentar­ies?

Of course, the flipside to the entertainm­ent coin is the thought of how nice it would be to enjoy all that content on a better set-up. And that’s where the following pages come in.

We’ve put together three big-screen AV systems at differing price points to help you find the one that best suits your viewing room and budget. In each case we’ve adopted a nocompromi­se approach, which means that most of the products featured are What Hi-fi? Award-winners.

Of course, there’s more to creating a first-class system than simply combining a bunch of price-compatible five-star products. It requires the careful matching of components such that each complement­s and enhances the particular qualities of the others.

So, although we’ve made sure here that the best, Award-winning kit is front and centre, our selections also feature equipment that plays a key supporting role, even if it hasn’t achieved full laurel-wreath status in its own right.

We start off with a Sony-based, soundbareq­uipped system that has the company’s top-value KD-65XH9005 telly working in conjunctio­n with its new Playstatio­n 5, the latter bringing impressive Blu-ray-playing ability and streaming functions to its gaming role.

Our mid-price offering finds us in full-on surround-sound mode, thanks to the excellent Q Acoustics 3010i 5.1 Cinema Pack and the multi-faceted Sky Q box.

Finally, we move into premium home-cinema territory with a projector-based system comprising a seriously talented surround-sound combinatio­n (courtesy of a Denon AV amp and Monitor Audio speaker package) backed up by the treasure-trove of content provision that is the Apple TV 4K box.

We all long for the day when restrictio­ns are lifted and we can spread our wings once again. But that day will be all the sweeter if, when we get back home, we have the delights of a newly acquired and carefully curated AV system ready and waiting for us to enjoy.

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